Rocky Q The Nest 11/16

PAX 13 Backflop, Capt. Crunchberry, Fructose, Jolly Rancher, Le Pew, Giselle, Pelican, Abacus, Dauber, Mama’s Boy, 2.0s( Trekkie, Bus) Rocky Q.

Short mozie to the front lot for a warm up of grass grabbers, SSH, Downward dog, Michael Phelps, merkins, big boys, & burpees.

Mozie to the back lot for some dodgeball F3 style. 3 balls in play( 2 volleyballs and 1 traditional red dodgeball) get hit by a ball = 20 merkins.

Throw and miss your intended target = 30 big boys. Throw and your target catches the ball = 10 burpees. X2 if any of these are with the red dodgeball.

Rinse and repeat. Indian run with a 50lbs sand bag (Thanks Fructose), Free throw burpees (Thanks Coach Dauber), and close with some Mary.

COT announcements, intentions and prayer. Make it a great day!



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