10/29 Backblast the O #BagOfWrenches

Sneaking up on us all rather quickly, it was brought up last night that there didn’t appear to be a Q on the calendar for today at the O. Never fear, OJ’s always willing to bring some heavy tunes and dish out some pain. This was a straight cover of one of my Q’s earlier this year so for that, I brought some of my favorite hard rock covers. I’ll detail the list below.

Q – OJ

PAX: Tron, Violet, Vincent (R), Flo Jo, Fall Guy (R), Jitterbug (R), Meatball, Escort, Ping Pong (FNG), Butcher, Number 2 (R), Sump Pump, Handbook, Tammy Faye Baker

The start – Native American Run down Circle Hill Rd and back up Homestead Blvd. This was run Prisoner Style with the person in the back dropping for 3 merkins before sprinting to the front.

COP – Christian Academy parking lot

15 Abe Vigotas IC

15 Grass Grabbers IC

20 SSHs IC

Partner up

P1 – 30 Step Ups (ea leg .5)

P2 – Wall Sit/ switch up and repeat

P1 – 30 Rockette Dips

P2 – Wall Sit + Air Presses

P1 – Bear Crawls to the other end of the parking lot and Bernies back

P2 – Wall Sit + holds arms in air

P1 – Runs to the fence 30 Derkins/10 at each beam

P2 – Wall Sit + Air Presses

**All you got to the tennis courts. I beat Flo Jo here, it was clear this was not all he got**

The Vacuum Cleaner

P1 Wheelbarrows to the end of Court 1 + 10 Derkins and Wheelbarrows backwards/switch repeat x 3

Yoda’s – P1 carries P2 to the end of Court 2/Switch up to Court 4 and Bernie back

Standard 4 Court Suicide, 2,4,6,8


20 Flutter Kicks IC

20 Freddie Mercury’s IC

15 Elbow Plank Up/Downs

20 Single Leg Flutters (10 ea leg) IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC



In the Air Tonight – Nonpoint

Enjoy the Silence – Lacuna Coil

Ordinary World – RED

Africa – Leo Moracchioli

Epic – The Veer Union

Zombie – Bad Wolves


Welcomed Brad Gordon aka Ping Pong, I’ve know him for a long time. Intentions for one of TFB’s friends. Closed us out in prayer.

**also NOTE: Tammy Faye Baker has stepped up to be the new site Q at the Bag Of Wrenches, strong HIM. Also NOTE: kudos to him for tackling the Iron Man last weekend.

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