8/22 Backblast at the Mutt Celebrating 3 years

When I saw a few weeks ago that a Q was open on the 22nd, I grabbed it up. It was at the Mutt. Not only were they celebrating their anniversary, it was also my first post at the O. Ask Wham about it…😉

After having attended the insane beat down at the Taste of the Tough Ruck event last night, I was kinda worried physically how I could hold up and effectively lead a w/o. My legs, arms, shoulders, fingers, ears, elbows were all completely smoked. I digress

As I arrived, one by one OG rolled up. Many a few minutes after 7 in true Mutt fashion.

Q – OJ

PAX: Deuce, Soft Top, Sump Pump, Backdraft, Windshield, Wham-o (R), Huxtable, Glen Ross, Trump, Stinger, Loco, No-Show, Quimby, Buschhhh, Moonlight (R), Country Boy, Tiger, Tureen, Zoolander, Ronnie Beaver, Gepetto, Grinder, Old Bay, Digiorno


20 Grass Grabbers IC

20 SSHs IC

Threw a twist in here for COP. I did NOR with all the PAX in plank position. When it was your turn, you said your name a cranked out a Merkin. Just something different…

My first plan was to head to MaryHill but with 25, I thought that was way too many so I moved to my next plan. I used the entire side of the school for partner work. It was plenty big for safe distancing and partners weren’t allowed to tag out.

P1 would wall sit while P2 ran to the other end for 20 SSHs, switch up and repeat.

P1 would wall sit with arms held in the air while P2 would run to the other end for 20 Bobby Hurleys, switch up and repeat.

P1 would wall sit with air presses while P2 ran to the other side and do 10 Big Boys, switch up and repeat.

P1 would hold 45 degree balls to the wall while P2 ran to the other end for 20 lunges, switch up and repeat.

Since MaryHill was a no go with the size of our group, I decided to break up the PAX into 12/13. We used both parking lots for a round of PMS. It’s a four corner exercise. Corner 1, 10 Plank Jacks, 10 Merkins, and 10 Squats. Corner 2, 20 of each, Corner 3, 30 of each and so on. When you get to Corner 4, you reverse course back to 3, 2, and one. This is something I learned when o posted in Hilton Head. While we did it on a flat parking lot, we did it down there in a four story parking garage and each level was a corner…woof

I had planned on it taking more time in MaryHill, this left us with 20 minutes to spare. So we all circled up and everyone called out an exercise. We made it through everyone right at 8am.

Then we were all excited to see 2 U-Hauls roll up. It was Zartan. He’s been an integral part of our launch, growth among sites, and helped launch F3Lex. He will be missed. Buschhh brought out a few beverages and even Wedding Singer made an appearance.

Digiorno shared an intention and I closed us out in prayer. Thankful for 3 years in this thing and thankful to be friends with so many HIM.


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