7/30 Backblast at the O. #templeofgloom

It’s been a minute since I’ve led a workout. Needed to get back after it. Elbow is all but healed up and I always try and look for an opportunity to lead on my birthday. Another year, and another chance to push myself and get better.

OJ – Q

PAX: Handbook, Russdiculous, Tron, Nanmoore, Aerobie (R), Vincent (R), Motorboat, Fl Jo, Violet

The start was a quick warm up on the tennis courts.

10 8 Count Man Makers IC

20 SSHs IC

The group then hit the road and headed to Danes Hall Drive. Tron pumped his fist when we arrived. He said it’s his favorite spot at the O. The group then spaced out and would stop at every driveway on the left and do 5 burpees. Here’s the thing, those houses all have 2-3 driveways. Woof! I audibled to 3 at each stop.

We headed back to the bottom and paired up. P1 would run to the top and knock out 10 Big Boys while P2 did AMRAP squats, then switch up and repeat.

On the way to Cogan’s Cove, we stopped at the bridge for two rounds. 10 dips, 10 Derkins, 20 dips, 20 Derkins.

From the base of Cogan’s Cove, PAX was asked to Crawl Bear up the hill as far as they could then switch to lunges the rest of the way. Vincent made it the farthest. Stud.

PAX then grabbed their coupons and circled up around the flag for some Block Webbzz.

1/4 Ratio – Presses to Curls.

Stopped midway to throw in some Mary.

15 LBCs IC

15 Flutter Kicks IC

15 Pretzel Crunches IC

15 V-ups IC

15 Boxcutters IC

15 Single Leg Flutters IC

Resumed the Block Webbzz at 8/32 and made it to 10/40 at 6:15 on the dot. That’s a total of 225 curls. Sheesh

COR/NOR – Aerobie mentioned his wife was at a rally today in the fight against human trafficking. Golf scramble Saturday and Ruck event next month. I closed us out with a praise and prayer. Always glad to led this group of fine men.

– OJ

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