BBlast for 7-29-20 FOUNDRY w/ WILDflower

First and foremost, man was it great to get to lead the PAX again this AM! Been too damn long. Nice morning with a “little” break from the humidity….or so it seemed. Reminded the PAX that we need to keep our distance this AM.

PAX (9): Hushpuppy, Browntail (R), Launchpad (R), Pelican, Holy Roller (R), Jolly Rancher, Dauber, Backflop, WILDflower (Q)

Mosey around the back of the church to the front parking lot for COP:

25IC SSH, 15IC monkey humpers, Nolan Ryan’s 15 each side, 20IC toy soldiers, Ddog

Mosey back down to main lot where we left our coupons….This is where the fun, ahem I mean pain began. For the THANG I coined the workout “Ten fidys” because we were to do 5 exercises 10-50 reps as follows:

10 sadies with coupon

20 Purls (yes I made this name up…curls into overhead press and down is one)

30 HR merkins

40 coupon SUMO squats

50 SSH single count

….then shoulder carry coupon mosey to island and back.

We rinsed and repeated this for several rounds…some got 3 rounds in, some got 4….HOLY ROLLER got like 10 in….BUT we all “got the Led out”, if you know what I mean.

Finished up with a final all out sprint around the first island and back….then on to Mary where we got in Freddie Merc’s, flutter kicks and gas pumps 15IC each.

Circled up at the flags. Announcements about Hope Scarves and bourbon raffle tix/bottles (get your bottles to AIRPLANE stat) and GrowRuck training opportunities.

I pigtailed my message off of Meter Maid’s “Perspective” talk on Monday at North Posh. Shared with the PAX that past failures can leave you feeling empty and hopeless…But feelings are far from fact. A lot of times those dark feelings stealthily become the basis for beliefs – beliefs that lead to actions that invite never-ending waves of real life consequences. Think “Sadclown” that F3 refers to a lot. The solution is in the “Perspective” ! – “I missed over 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost over 300 games … I’ve failed over and over in my life. And that is why I succeed” – Michael Jordan

Until next time HIM’s – WILDflower

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