BB 1/26/21 Plantarium @ the boondocks

We got crazy like Rick Flair. PAX- Colonel Klink Cochran Spree F-stop Focker Le Pew Bulletin (R) Abacus WILDflower (Q) Ran the loop for warm up….then SSH IC 15, monkey humpers 20, wmd’s 8, Mike Phelps, ddog Thang – paired up for Dora 50 mmakers 100 purls 150 coupon sumo squats Partner 1 amrap whileContinue reading “BB 1/26/21 Plantarium @ the boondocks”

BackBlast – Beastmode – The Silo @ North Posh – 12.28.2020 w/ WILDflower

Great work by the HIM this AM! It was tough but we pulled each other through. And we definitely ended NP2020 with a bang….also per the norm, dem County boys outnumber the other AO’s PAX – Kilo, dauber, nice n slow, Jewel, Focker, Valdez, Cochran, Backflop, Big Bird, Sweet Tart, Browntail (R), Le Pew, DollarContinue reading “BackBlast – Beastmode – The Silo @ North Posh – 12.28.2020 w/ WILDflower”

PreBlast – Beastmode – The Silo @ North Posh – 12.28.2020 w/ WILDflower

Let’s go out with a BANG in what will be the last North Posh workout of this very strange year we’ve been living in. Git gone 2020! This is my first time Q’ing at #Beastmode….so I’m going to do my best to give glory to its name. We don’t get up at 5AM for easy,Continue reading “PreBlast – Beastmode – The Silo @ North Posh – 12.28.2020 w/ WILDflower”

BB 11/25/20 FOUNDRY @ the station w/ WILDflower

PAX – Browntail (R), Holy Roller (R), GQ, Brownwater, Wildflower (Q) Warmup – COP Bootcamp style work out Started with a few rounds of murder bunnies (3) 50 yard stents. At the end of each 50 yard stent we did 90 seconds on & 15 seconds rest, rinse and repeat….the exercises were: Static curl holdContinue reading “BB 11/25/20 FOUNDRY @ the station w/ WILDflower”

BB 10/15 the station with WILDflower

PAX – Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Dauber, Tidwell, Bulletin (R), WILDflower (Q) Mosey’d around the block for warm up Grass grabbers (12) Toy soldiers (12) Michael Phelps/ Kendra news OYO Monkey humpers (12) Thang…..20 sadies into 20 pearls (curl into shoulder press)…bear crawl 50yds, Mario back. Rinse and repeat 20 overhead coupon squats into 30Continue reading “BB 10/15 the station with WILDflower”

BB 8/7/2020 for Pleasantville w/ WILDflower

Another beautiful crisp morning! Man this early August weather has been uncanny!! HIM’s have been soaking it up all week. PAX: Holy Roller (R), Focker, Colonel Clink, Malpractice, Porkchop, WILDflower (Q) Started with a warmup lap around the “circle” with a few merkin stops (20 each stop)…moseyed w/ coupons down to amphitheater. Circled up…. MonkeyContinue reading “BB 8/7/2020 for Pleasantville w/ WILDflower”

BBlast for 7-29-20 FOUNDRY w/ WILDflower

First and foremost, man was it great to get to lead the PAX again this AM! Been too damn long. Nice morning with a “little” break from the humidity….or so it seemed. Reminded the PAX that we need to keep our distance this AM. PAX (9): Hushpuppy, Browntail (R), Launchpad (R), Pelican, Holy Roller (R),Continue reading “BBlast for 7-29-20 FOUNDRY w/ WILDflower”

7/29 PB for FOUNDRY @thecounty w/ WILDflower

Gents…it’s been awhile since ole Flower Q’d (anywhere)….COVID/pregnant M/newborn baby boy haven’t kept me away from the gloom completely, but I’m ready to get back to leading the PAX for sure! Tomorrow will be a good ole fashion full body beatdown. Coupons necessary. Get out and get better with us at the FOUNDRY! SYITG –Continue reading “7/29 PB for FOUNDRY @thecounty w/ WILDflower”

BBlast 2/1/20 WILDflower @the nest #THE COUNTY

Nice 37 deg morning (although 37 felt like an 85deg steam room during the workout) with some fog floating and wet pavement….I didn’t blink at an opportunity to help Valdez out when he asked if someone could take his Q for the nest. Him and the BRAGG boys have been getting after it in preparationContinue reading “BBlast 2/1/20 WILDflower @the nest #THE COUNTY”

BB 12/20 Wisteria @Pleasantville with Wildflower

PAX – Jewell, Valdez, Holy Roller (R), Le Pew, Kilo, Soft Top, Kimble, Wildflower (Q) COP SSH (20) Grass grabbers (15) Mountain climbers (20) Downward dog stretching Mosey to straight away at far end of circle THANG…4×400 400 meter all you got sprint Couple 10 counts and some mary Did a total of 4 roundsContinue reading “BB 12/20 Wisteria @Pleasantville with Wildflower”

BB 12/18 FOUNDRY @The County w/ WILDflower

It’s that time of year again when the #fartsack strikes hard because of weather…..the time when we all need to hold each other accountable to get out, get better and get stronger. That’s what 11 PAX did at the Foundry….we sharpened each other like Iron sharpens Iron! PAX: Devito, Gilligan, Brown Water, Crockpot, Dauber, Backflop,Continue reading “BB 12/18 FOUNDRY @The County w/ WILDflower”