BBlast – 10/9/19 @The Foundry (heavy) @THE COUNTY. W/ WILDflower

Had 9 HIM’s out for another perfectly crisp fall morning. I hope this weather lasts a lot longer than last years fall season! PAX – Peach, Alexa, Crock Pot, Uncle Sam (R), Cardigan, Double Down (R), Gilligan, Pelican, WILDflower (Q) Warmup (COP) SSH 30 (IC) Imperial walkers 15 (IC) Kendra OYO Pulse squats 20 (IC)Continue reading “BBlast – 10/9/19 @The Foundry (heavy) @THE COUNTY. W/ WILDflower”

BB 9/18 FOUNDRY @thecounty with WILDflower (IPC week 3)

Always a pleasure leading these PAX in a workout, especially an IPC WO! PAX…Alexa, Crockpot, Brown Water, Jewell, Speed Bump, Dauber, WILDflower (Q) It was certainly a tough U vs U workout, but we pushed each other to “rise up”. I’m proud of these HIM’s for stepping up and working hard the entire 43 mins!Continue reading “BB 9/18 FOUNDRY @thecounty with WILDflower (IPC week 3)”

BB for 8/17 @the Nest #the County

Disclaimer and Welcomed everyone. PAX (26): mama’s boy, grizzly, trekke, Bus(2.0), Brick (2.0), abacus, Valdez, Cowboy, Jolly Rancher, Selfie, Dauber, Bigbird, Giselle, Le Pew, Primetime (2.0), Pelican, Titan (2.0), Captain Crunchberries, (FNG; 2.0), The GOAT (2.0), Blart, Redbull (2.0), Bulletin, Amelia, Red rider (2.0), WILDflower (QIC) After that we were off to a quick moseyContinue reading “BB for 8/17 @the Nest #the County”

PB for 8/17/19- WILDflower @theNEST #Thecounty 7AM You belong, among the WILDflowers….Yoouu belong somewhere you feel free! Come on out for a lil WILDflower love tomorrow morning. It won’t be easy, but we don’t rise for easy…bring gloves…..and WATER. SYITG!

BBlast 6/4/19 WILDflower at THE COUNTY

Circuit Training with Coupons THE SCENE: 55 degrees and clear F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER Welcome to F3 I am not a professional You are participating at your own risk You are responsible for your own wellbeing You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here Know your limits and do the best youContinue reading “BBlast 6/4/19 WILDflower at THE COUNTY”

PB 6/4/19 WILDflower 1 year Postiversary @ The County

‘As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.’ – Proverbs 27:17 Over the last year I have gotten better physically, mentally and emotionally. So thankful to have been HL’d by Valdez a year ago. Come get better with me and the County Gents tomorrow…You won’t regret it…or maybe you will. WILDflower.

BB 4/24 HEAVY at the County with Wildflower

Always a pleasure leading the Pax in some heavy crushing and gettin swole. PAX (6) Alexa, Kimble, Bulletin, Valdez, Le Pew, WILDflower COP Kendra Newman’s oyo Gorilla humpers 25 IC Plank jacks 30 IC Plank 30 second….the reach up to sky (switch) D Dog/scorp 30 seconds each Thang Mosey to get coupons Man makers 20Continue reading “BB 4/24 HEAVY at the County with Wildflower”


PAX – Alexa, Viking, Bulletin, Crockpot, WILDflower. COP SSH 40 IC, Grassgrabbers 15 IC, mountain climbers 20 IC, DDOG into scorpion for quick stretch, flutter kicks 25 IC (to engage the core) Thang – partnered up Partner WIDE merkins….one partner planked while the other did 25 wide merkins with feet on partner’s back…then switch LegContinue reading “BB – 3/27/19 – HEAVY @ THE COUNTY….For #F3MENTALBATTLE”