BackBlast – Beastmode – The Silo @ North Posh – 12.28.2020 w/ WILDflower

Great work by the HIM this AM! It was tough but we pulled each other through. And we definitely ended NP2020 with a bang….also per the norm, dem County boys outnumber the other AO’s

PAX – Kilo, dauber, nice n slow, Jewel, Focker, Valdez, Cochran, Backflop, Big Bird, Sweet Tart, Browntail (R), Le Pew, Dollar short, WILDflower (QIC)

Started with a quick run down to Shelbyville rd and back…on to COP:

10 groiners, 12 monkey humpers, 15 Merkins, DDog into scorpion, kendras/mphelps




30Sumo squats

40Purls (curl into overhead press)


Bear crawl to stop sign…mosey halfway down hill toward Shelbyville rd…all you got back up….rinse/repeat until 1 min before time. 20 gas pumps as we waited for all PAX.

Continued Prayers for OJ’s M and family and GQ’s M as she went through an emergency surgery today…all intentions said and unsaid up to the sky Q! Thankful for the opportunity to use these bodies everyday and that we have been blessed to go out and shine the light in our families and circles of influence.

until next time….Peace WILDflower

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