3/7 Backblast at the O #theRuiner

With a time change coming tonight, I knew this would be the last Saturday workout with sunlight for a while. I wanted to utilize a couple of areas that we can really only use when it’s light out.

Conditions – Brisk 28 degrees

Gear Broncos hand warmer pouch (fanny pack)

Q – OJ

PAX: McAfee, Cookie, Russdiculous, Tron, Vincent (R), Ditka, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet, Diablo, Handbook, Shyster, Pork Chop

Mosey to the bridge overlooking I-64.

10 Grass Grabbers IC

10 SSHs IC

10 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Monkey Humpers IC

Next Pax were instructed to partner up

DORA across the bridge

100 Hand Release Merkins

200 Squats

300 Flutter Kicks

While partner one is working on the exercises, partner two runs to the other side and does 2 burpees.

Before leaving the bridge partners would buddy carry to the other end, switch up and come back.

Then we turned and headed to the famous half pipe of Seneca Park.

Still with partners

P1 – holds plank

P2 – runs the half pipe and back, switch repeat

P1 – LBCs

P2 – runs to the other side of the pipe and does 5 burpees, comes back, switch up and repeat

P1 – Bobby Hurleys

P2 – Runs the half pipe and back, switch and repeat

For good measure we took one more lap on the pipe before heading back.

10 Slow single count Merkins

Mosey back to the tennis courts

20 Heel Touch Crunches IC

20 Shoulder Taps IC

20 Pretzel Crunches IC (10/ea leg)

20 Plank Jacks IC

20 Dying Cockroaches IC

20 Box Cutters IC

20 Single Leg Flutters IC (10/ea leg)

Final was a medium mosey the long way back around the tennis courts to the flag.


Announcements – Friday the 13th Ruck

Intentions/Praises – Tammys father 🙌🏼

I closed us out in prayer. Thankful to be a part of such a wonderful group of men.

– OJ

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