Back Blast 3.6.20 – Q Roulette BlackOps at the ‘06

As some may know the F40206 is F3 of 2 years ago. You can catch some OGs talking ish and keeping others in check with witty adolescence. True to form we don’t float the mainstream and run against the grain at the grounds of Mary T.

To keep things interesting we decided to not find a Q until 5:29. The butcher brought the wheel of Misfortune. We gave that sucker a spin and wouldn’t ya know it…. Probably the only way to get me to Q twice in 8 days. Thankfully I brought an Escort (unpaid) to ride it out with me.

Weather – 30 and windy as Meatballs balloon knot after Taco Bell.

Gearlander- can we even call it that if Zoo doesn’t come out anymore? I miss you

Enough about nothing, Now to the W/O. Escort lead us in some stretching of sorts. The usu’. Contrary to some beliefs we had zilch. I pondered running home to grab a cooler full of some PBR Coffee. If I’ve learned anything, it’s give the pax a beer and they forget how terrible the work out was…

Scratch the brews let’s do an Indiana run around the reservoir. And just for the record I don’t do typos.

The Reservoir is one of the many great secrets of the gorgeous grounds of the 06. 3/4 of a mile around the best drinking water in the country. Hack a couple oysters over the fence, CI doing some EC burpees because at the 06, rules are optional. 10 second break because the butcher is gassed, and we were off to some hill work.

To the playground where the smell of chlorine reminds me of summertimes at the pool with Tureens wife and her polka dot bikini.

7pull ups – run to bottom of hill

14 Push UPS – run to the top of the hill

21 Squats run back to play ground.

Rinse and Repeat x5.

Can’t do the 06 without gracing the grounds of little Augusta. A lot like BackDrafts gut, the Fairways have stayed soft through the winter. We partnered up for some sprints and LBCs. Pretty sure Trump and Ol Pizza boi did 5,000 of something.

Escort lead us back to the parking lot for some Mary at Mary action! A few exercises later it’s 6:15 and we called it.

We welcomed a new comer, Viking to the 06′. Hope we didn’t scare ya too bad. You’re welcome back anytime!

The Q-Roulette may become a new norm for the group, so if ya like jokes about your wife or your penis or even both… or just harassing the ones ya love, come join us! Who knows you may even have to Q.

If I’m going into battle the boys at the 06 are the true friends who would stand behind me…… and make fun of me while I got beat up… and then ask me to pay for the beers.

Buschhhh Out.

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