5/24/18 Temple of Gloom Backblast: Piggy (VQ)

Temple of Gloom

Conditions: Perfect, 63 degrees 

VQ: Piggy

PAX (23): Red Roof, Captain Insano, Dodododo, Diablo, WeedWacker, OJ, Donger, Flounder, Nugget, SeaBass (2.0), Vincent (Respect), Donut, Swifty, Huggies, KY Genie, Loco (Pope), Tron, Cutless, Flojo, Kilo, Shiplap, Wham!, Piggy (VQ)


SSH’s 30 IC

Merkins 15 IC

Grass Grabbers 15 IC

Mountain climbers 15 IC

Hamstring stretch

Q requested PAX remain together, encourage each other, after all… we got up for this…might as well use it…

Coach Neighbors… (respect)! 🤷🏻‍♂️

The Main Thang:

Naitive American run (the long way), the PAX in the back did 3 burpees (number chosen by Nugget) and ran to the front.

Once everyone (mainly the Q) was tired of running, we ran some more. PAX made way to the open field of the Gloom for some Wham o lunge walks (bear crawls, crawl bears, spider crawl, broad jump, burpee broad jump, crab walk, and some others.) One PAX throws a frisbee, each PAX sprints in that direction, once the frisbee lands, lunge walk the rest of the distance to the frisbee. Repeat with bear crawls, crawl bears, broad jumps, and so on. We also sprinkled in some merkins, t merkins and lbc’s.

Mosey back to the tennis courts for some Mary.

We finished up with Captain America’s?? (Kilo), in 1:4 ratio. 1 Big boy sit-up to 4 American Hammers, up to 10:40. IC, which was a lot of counting (note to self). PAX helped out and it got us the burn we needed. With a few minutes left we knocked out 15 merkins IC. Headed back to the flags for COT.


Numbered off: 23

Namorama: OJ was the 6, it all makes sense now..

Intentions: Thanked the sky Q for his everlasting grace even though we fall short everyday, thanked him for our health and this group of men. Prayed for Pope to have a successful procedure and recovery, continued prayer for Abacus’s Family, Badger’s family, and for Vince along with weedwacker fam.

I appreciate you guys and all of your support. I learned a lot! Thanks for all the feedback (CI, WeedWacker, Kilo, Nugget).


And this little piggy went wee wee weee all the way home.

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