BackBlast #GreatAmericanRace #Daytona500 @poshF3Louisville

My honor to come out and co-Q with @jnase12 this morning at the Poshiest place in town.  This coming Sunday we will celebrate six decades of fast cars driving in circles when NASCAR kicks off their season at the Daytona Motor Speedway.  While I am not an avid fan, I do have fond memories ofContinue reading “BackBlast #GreatAmericanRace #Daytona500 @poshF3Louisville”

2-12-18 Pre Blast: ZimaVQ & DigiornoQ . #LetmeoutofthecarCole #poshlands #F3Counts #pitcrewswinraces

Sure the Olympics are on, but the real racing is happening in right here in the good ol’ U S of A.  Two and half miles of grinding metal, hot rubber, and Daytona sunshine won’t hold a candle to our crew winning where it matters.  Get ready to celebrate the Great American Race.  We’re droppingContinue reading “2-12-18 Pre Blast: ZimaVQ & DigiornoQ . #LetmeoutofthecarCole #poshlands #F3Counts #pitcrewswinraces”

PreBlast 1/29/2018: #incubator Random Music? Yes Please.

I need some revenge on the disaster that was my last “music” Q. I am going to go ahead and apologize if you are offended or “sensitive” to Country, west coast Rap, 80’s Pop, reggae, hip hop, christian, 50’s Rock, latin, new age, jazz, blues, 90’s grunge, indie rock, new wave, techno, bop, Christmas rockContinue reading “PreBlast 1/29/2018: #incubator Random Music? Yes Please.”

1/22 Steemer VQ at the Poshlands Backblast

With all the crazy, cold, wet & challenging weather the Louisville area has incurred recently, the 16 PAX who braved the Balmy 50+ degree weather this am at poshland’s & put forth a MAN like effort!! The PAX( Nugget, Glaucoma, Kilo, Dutch Oven, Glen Ross, Bob Ross, Iceman, Gypsy, Tool Time, Rhythm, Methane, Double Down,Continue reading “1/22 Steemer VQ at the Poshlands Backblast”


THE 2018 IRONHORSE CHALLENGE GOAL:   The IRONHORSE CHALLENGE is designed to reinvigorate male community leadership this winter at #F3LOUISVILLE, while strengthening all 3 Fs, and help the PAX make an impact on Louisville.  DURATION:  1/1/18 thru 3/31/18.  REWARD:   For successfully completing the 2018 IRONHORSE CHALLENGE, you will receive an awesome IRONHORSE CHALLENGE 2”x 3” Velcro patch.  You will alsoContinue reading “2018 #IRONHORSE CHALLENGE”

BackBlast #Incubator #Santadelivers 12.25.17 Christmas Q

Santa delivered 2 PAX to a special Christmas #Incubator post! Abacus – Q and Vincent (Respect) Conditions: 25 degrees, clear sky (I think), windy 10 to 15 MPH, felt like 10 to 15 degrees! For the record, Santa visits YHC’s house on Christmas Eve. So, I was going to workout no matter what today andContinue reading “BackBlast #Incubator #Santadelivers 12.25.17 Christmas Q”

The ghost is revealed at the Posh

Q: Nugget (ghost) Pax: Nugget, Seabass, Double Down (respect), Star Child, Swifty, Donkey sauce, Gypsy, Tool Time, Dunphy, Kilo, Methane, Glauc, Pinkie Pie (FNG), Boozer Well, I am impressed that the secret was kept up until gametime. YHC walked up and they knew on sight. I wouldn’t say that I was a friendly Ghost, butContinue reading “The ghost is revealed at the Posh”

Parklands Incubator Back Blast

What a great way to start the day and the week! Meeting up with 16 HIMs at 0530, in the chilly tundra of the Poshlands.   Today YHC decided to keep it simple and ease into the week.  No sand pits, water jugs or toys from my bag of tricks.  Just a PAX of 17Continue reading “Parklands Incubator Back Blast”

#F3Louisville News: Anniversary Edition #getbetter #morethanaworkout

Some news for the Pax: Today is the 4 month anniversary of F3Louisville.  It’s fitting we’d launch our 3rd AO.  It’s amazing that we had 25 Pax for the first day.  Keep headlocking your friends, neighbors, baristas, etc.  We went from 4 on the first day to well over 100 to date.  Pretty sure F3Continue reading “#F3Louisville News: Anniversary Edition #getbetter #morethanaworkout”

Qs Needed: Q101 – First Time Q #getbetter #stepup #freedtolead #stolen @F3theFort

PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to assist the new Q in preparing for and leading his first workout (this was stol…borrowed from F3TheFort with some minor edits) PHILOSOPHY Q – Pax Relationship: The unspoken social contract between the Pax and a Q: “We will follow until you give us a reason not to”.Continue reading “Qs Needed: Q101 – First Time Q #getbetter #stepup #freedtolead #stolen @F3theFort”

Backblast: Merkins, I mean Burpees.#incubator #getbetter #F3Counts

Q: Methane (YHC) Pax 21: Methane, Hops, Rhythm, BobRoss, Kilo, Lil Smokey, The Hammer, Tool Time, Sea Bass, Tron, Preacher, Glaucoma, Double Down, Nugget, Dexter, Red Roof, Gypsy, Pope, Captain Insaneo, Face  Great morning in the #incubator. YHC was at the Q, and almost forgot the Shovel Flag – nice. We also had a guestContinue reading “Backblast: Merkins, I mean Burpees.#incubator #getbetter #F3Counts”

#Incubator Backblast Bob Ross discovers KV’s hideout #paincave #getbetter #HIM

Welcome to the THE PAIN CAVE! QIC:  Bobross PAX (18): Bobross; Little Jerry; Red Roof; Double Down; Gypsy; Fall Guy; Fro (fng); Barney (fng); Odie; Captain Insane-o; Methane; Bull rider; Flea; Glauc; Speedo; Star child; Nomo; Nugget Here we go: We started with a easy mosey to the nicely lighted cush fairway like grass of the eggContinue reading “#Incubator Backblast Bob Ross discovers KV’s hideout #paincave #getbetter #HIM”