BackBlast #GreatAmericanRace #Daytona500 @poshF3Louisville

My honor to come out and co-Q with @jnase12 this morning at the Poshiest place in town.  This coming Sunday we will celebrate six decades of fast cars driving in circles when NASCAR kicks off their season at the Daytona Motor Speedway.  While I am not an avid fan, I do have fond memories of visiting once with my dad when they were racing for the Winston Cup and drivers were drinking @Buschhhhhh in the pits before hitting the track.

That’s all changed, but the spirit is strong and the crowd is rowdy as ever so I’ll celebrate by watching the last fifty laps with an ice cold tall boy and the surround sound turned all the way up.  To kick off race week, I thought is would be nice to embrace the Great America Race in my VQ.

13 PAX came strong:

Zima VQ, Digiorno Q, Buschhhhh, Gypsy, Dunphy, PK, Star Child, Kilo, Abacus, Glauc, Bob Ross, Gravedigger, Boozer

Digiorno came flying in the pits under caution as conditions were icy, but made the long trip from the Mutt to help me and started us off with a warm up.


25 Side Straddle Hops in cadence

20 Abe Vigodas in cadence

10 BOYO’s

30 seconds of Ass Kickers (standing butt kicks)

40 Hurdlers. Pretend your warming up for the 100 M hurdles as you lift one left to high knee position and swing it out like your snapping over a hurdle.

10 BOYO’s

From there we made a very short mosey to the shelter to avoid the ice as we kicked off the 500 laps of Posh to start the Great American Race.

100 BB Sit Ups

100 Merkins

100 Squats

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Step ups on the picnic tables

All done in five sets of 20 reps for each exercise.  I had intentions of calling out the count for each exercise, but sometimes the heart wants what the body cannot provide.  Lack of oxygen might have also explained why I kept forgetting the mountain climbers.  Anyway, we powered through those 500 reps in no time and moseyed over to the Egg Lawn for the final lap.

Track conditions were icy for the Inaugural Poshland 500, but all racers were up to the challenge.  Splitting up into two groups of four and one group of five, we found our race cars and finalized strategy.  Racing today was a Volvo S60 (approx. 3600 lbs.), an Acura TL (approx. 3700 lbs.) and a Chevy Trailblazer (approx. 4500 lbs.).

Ready.  Set.  Push!!!!!!  One lap around the Egg Lawn (approx. 0.8 miles)

The Trailblazer got off the line fast and jumped to a lead.  After a near collision in pit row between team Acura and Volvo all racers were on the track and this Q quickly discovered that the ice was more a prevalent than I thought.  The Acura and Volvo quickly began to pick up speed and blew the doors off team Trailblazer as we continued into turn one.  Somewhere on the backside, we found a <1% grade hill that nearly stalled all progress, but a little footing in the grass and we were racing again. Team Volvo overtakes Acura briefly only to be passed again in what could only be described as Earnhardt intervention.  After dodging a plow truck going the wrong way, Don’t they know race tracks are one way!, we finished strong and a few Pax headed back to help much heavier Trailblazer bring it home.

I was very nervous about how this was all going to unfold, but it was glorious and I am evermore thankful to be part of a group that enjoys and encourages shenanigans in our workouts.  Announcements included a new style of Ruck coming up at Glauc’s office this Friday.  It’s all the F’s in one place.  No pack required, but you will carry heavy things.  Tailspin tickets still available for $40 each from YHC. Hit me up on Slack and I can email them.

A ball of men made some intentions and praises for the support this group continues to provide.  I am forever grateful that I have found my way into F3.    Thanks to @jnase12 for the HL and helping with the VQ.






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