2.10.18 Night Ruck Training BB:

In true F3Louisville fashion this event followed the ready shoot aim approached. When YHC threw this out there it seemed like the right thing to do to prepare us for the upcoming GoRuck events. However, when I beep boop’d it onto the calendar I had the realization that this was going to take some planning and some extra work. Sure hope the M doesn’t start to question my sanity.


I spent so much time planning this event I could write for days on the subject. Instead know this, I walked, drove or Rucked every portion of our path multiple times. I completed our challenges solo to the best of my abilities to gauge time and difficulty (less the tires). Spotted trouble areas that would need to be pointed out for possible danger. I put in the work ahead of time for all of you. And I can’t say thank you enough to the 15HIMs who stepped out of their comfort zones to try something new.


YHC was freaking out all day about the upcoming event. I had my gear on and checked at 7pm just looking at my watch willing it to move faster. But some other notable things happened earlier on Saturday.

I started receiving DMs and texts from PAX who had HC’d to Saturday evenings festivities. Some of my favorite lines were:

  • I think I may have made a mistake
  • You are gonna make us get in water aren’t you? (I did not respond immediately so that was followed by) Shit. You are. Shit.
  • I am a little nervous about tonight
  • Hey watcha wearing? (Not from Zoo)

Bottom line I was having mixed emotions about the night as well but I had still had some work to do.

Made a trip to HomeDepot to purchase 15 Coupons for what would later be called one of the hardest things we have ever done. Tied a glow stick to tree. And set a bunch of alarms on my watch to help remind me when we needed to move from location to location.

Time had finally arrived. 2020ish I believe. Pulled up to the Mutt to see RedRoof and Face hopping out of their cars and some strange man possibly changing clothes in his car. So I did what any sane man who was about to embark on a difficult and CSAUP event would do. I jumped from my whip, raised my arms and yelled something about being so freaking excited. This was followed by a run (could have been a skip) to RedRoof and Face to share in my excitement. Found out later that the strange man changing in his car was Kilo and his M now knows my level of crazy.

PAX started rolling in and the excitement was palpable. Almost game time. TClaps to Zima, Zoolander and Amelia who had offered to drive and it was time to load up. All Rucks were placed carefully in the back of Amelia’s Truck with careful consideration to avoid the dog poo in one of the corners. Since space was limited Pope and I jumped into the bed of the truck and we were on our way.

So this was a great way to start the night. Pope and I just cruising through St Matthews in the rain and wind chatting away about stuff I am not going to share because that was my moment with Pope. And no we did not talk about poop the whole time. But here is picture to spurn your curiosity.

As we pulled into our starting location I could barely contain my excitement. I jumped out of the truck before we even settled to a stop.

I quickly planted our Ruck Flag, curtesy of Kilo, and started unloading the groups Rucks. Everyone was just kinda lingering around so I took the opportunity for a group before photo.

PAX: 16PAX (1 FNG): OJ, Pope, RedRoof, Face, Nugget, Kilo, Amelia, Abacus, Glauc, PK, Skid, Warden(FNG), Wham!, Hamm, Vincent (R), Zartan (Qdre)

Conditions: mid to high 30’s with intermittent rain.

Zootire: Salomon Black Kicks, gray smart wool socks, Nike Pro black tights, LuLu black shorts, gray Patagonia Base layer, Mt. Hardware windbreaker, thermal Mechanix Gloves, Black Tac hat with Black and Gray American Flag Patch and HeadLamp.

Go time. Quickly broke group down into two squads. Alpha and Bravo. Each team was told that was their crew for the rest of the exercise but ultimately we were all one unit. Quick disclaimer since I had already sent a waiver/disclaimer to everyone (mostly):

Disclaimer for 2.10.18 9pm Ruck Training

Respond to this message with Aye! (meaning you agree) or BabyFeet (if you are too soft and do not agree) based on your willingness to participate in this event in regards to the below terms:

1. You will come prepared for the task at hand.

2. You will treat all other teammates with respect.

3. You accept responsibility for your own actions while participating.

4. You understand that instructions given during event are suggestions and by complying with said suggestion you assume responsibility.

5. You will not sue, punch, kick, stab or shoot me for anything I may say or do during the event or for any written word on the event after the fact.

6. Most important, you will come with a positive attitude with the expectation that this is supposed to be hard and bad attitudes will make it worse for everyone.

7. You will be safe and look out for all other participants and speak up if you truly think anyone is in any danger.

And the Welcome Party could begin.

Welcome Party

Got everyone lined up on double steps out side of pavilion. On Qdre’s call we went up and down with step ups. Did this for a couple minutes.

We then did incline plank on steps with Merkins on my up/down. Did this for awhile.

We then did squats on my call. Again, awhile.

Told everyone to check gear for exercise as we moved to side walk for, horribly awesome experience, of flutter kick bear crawl inch worm. All 16 PAX side by side doing flutter kicks while 6 BearCrawled to front. One rotation was brutal. We all barely recovered.

As we walked back to the steps i asked if anyone saw the glow stick on the other side of BearGrass Creek. I heard a few moans but that was it.

Back at steps we did more double step ups. Then rotated packs to RR style front packs. We did squats on my call. Then decline plank with a few up downs. Horrible.

Removed packs for over head press on my up/down. Followed by curls and rows. Personally the lack of counting was meant to not give anyone an idea of when this might end. A lot of these went on longer than I thought we could. Also am forgetting something so please comment if you can recall.

Walked back to parking lot for more fun. Asked if anyone else could see glow stick across the creek again. This time heard some Ayes.

At this point I had everyone pretty much “warmed up”. Time to introduce the other 2 team members. Alpha started with Val (60 lb GR sandbag) and Bravo had Green Monster (40ish pound deer corn LandsEnd Bag). Those would be with us for the duration of the evening.

Circled up and did a man maker circle with team weights while everyone did squats.

Lined up Alpha and Bravo and asked that everyone remove glow sticks from PreBlast. Not everyone had one and I brought extras. This was a lesson because real cadre will beat you down if you do not have everything on that list. Some punishment followed by medicine brain had me guessing what it was.

We headed down to the banks of the night BearGrass Creek and I lined everyone up and again asked if everyone could see the glow stick. At this point it was pretty clear we were going in the water. I counted to 10 in my head and to everyone’s relief said not tonight boys and lead them in 2 lines on the first portion of our Ruck March.

Challenge 1

It is a 1.9 mile hike to the first stopping point. Team Weights were to be carried by each team but no instructions were given for when to switch. First Mile of this is all up hill. Brutal. As we peaked the crest of Alta Vista Rd, a very swanky neighborhood, 2 women yelled something like “USA. Whoa! Go America” from their porch about 100yrs across their manicured lawn. Some asked me if I had planted them for motivation. We all laughed because everyone knew I had.

It was here we stopped for the first mental challenge. Lined up squads and told Wham! (Alpha Team) and Nugget (Bravo) team that they could no longer carry Their Rucks. I repeated a second time pointing out to listen to exactly what I was saying. Either way Alpha figured out pretty quick that they could just have Wham! carry someone else’s pack. Bravo settled on rotating Nuggets pack between members in the RR front Pack Style in addition to their own Ruck. A mile later I encouraged Alpha to share the secret and we moved to Frisbee Field (1.9 hilly miles from start).

Challenge 2

At Frisbee Filed YHC explained that there were two giant truck tires in the. Idle if this muddy ass field. Told Alpha to locate the one on the right and Bravo the one on the left and find a meeting point to have them side by side. Here was an F up on my part. I had a different plan in mind but those tires were no challenge for the beasts who showed up tonight. So I changed things up with the help of the PAX cause what I was saying did not make a lick of sense. In the end. We had two truck tires with 4 members of each team in a line behind them. Maybe 25 yards away we had two lines with the other 4 sets of team members. I joined with Bravo and here is what went down.

Truck Tire Relay Race.

Flip tire end of end until you reach the far team members. Continue with the relay until all PAX have flipped the tire once. Oh, and the kicker was everyone else was doing 10 Squats and 10 Merkins on repeat the whole time. We switched to lunges and squats after we were half way through because I heard horrible things being said about me and it was hard as hell. I am guessing we did at least 60 or 70 weighted Merkins before we switched. Pope help me out. We were not missing a beat.

After that was completed we took a short nature and snack break. It was cool to see guys sharing snacks with those that did not have any and everyone was happy to set their rucks on the ground. I believe we hung out for about 3-4 minutes.

Lined back up in squads with team weights for a 1.1 mile ruck at a swift pace. We left the confines of the park and crossed Grinstead and started out urban portion of the evening. Great conversation and overall team work as we jogged (#SJ) across busy streets and negotiated awkward terrain.

This is a short video of everyone rucking towards our next challenge.

2nd F seemed to be really strong at this point in the night and that made me extremely happy. The rain had slowed or stopped and spirits were high. I think. I know I somewhat let the cat out of the to a few of the PAX as everyone but me was walking right towards one of the stupid things I have ever come up with. I was honestly giddy.

Challenge 3

As we walked down Grinstead Rd we crossed it yet again and I steered the group into the lower entrance of the Baptist Seminary. Kilo had the flag and I guided him towards a parking lot about 100 yards from the road and told him to wait there. I stopped and fist bumped everyone as they came by and I think I said encourage words like “good work” or “you got this”. What I was thinking was I hope you MF’rs are ready for this casue I am stoked right now. As the line flowed pass me I heard the first sounds that informed me they had seen my little surprise.

Side note: When I was in grade school I ran track and field for a little bit. My sadistic coach could run like LitteJerry and would take us on fun runs from Sacred Heart to the Seminary. To this day those hills make me cringe when I drive by. I am guessing those feeling will now be felt by everyone of the 16 who were there Saturday night.

I knew I had to use those hills. I contacted Chief Collins of the Seminary Police and shared with him my desire to leave 15 Coupons at the base of the nasty hill near Grinstead entrance to torture some of my friends. With little fan fair he agreed. Back to the story.

This is what the PAX were facing when I joined them.

Don’t take my word for it, so ask around, but that hill sucks something awful. I told the whole group that this challenge was one team. We either did it together or we failed together. The challenge was simple. We had 15 Coupons and 16 PAXs. We had to get them up and down the hill in 2min and 45 seconds while every coupon had to have at least 2 PAX members hands on it. I put RedRoof in charge and gave them 90 seconds to plan. I have to say I was impressed. Fairly quickly they figured it out. The only way to accomplish this task was by all standing shoulder to shoulder with one coupon between each team member.

So I did a count down and off we went. Side by side. Communicating to avoid trees, holes, varied speeds and fatigue. It was so cool to watch everyone work together to accomplish this task. At the top we turned in a weird 180 as a group and started the trek down. When we reached the bottom all eyes were on me since I had the timer. Here is the kicker. I did not even time the first attempt. We we were going to do it twice regardless so it was time for the repercussion if failing, maybe not failing, this task. Everyone grabbed a coupon and we did squats, presses , curls and rows. I was thinking about going up that stupid hill again and was just saying “up….down” during the squats and was so far off from my actions that at least half the group called me out. I laughed and Pope suggested we should just say left right for the next exercise since that would make about as much sense as what I was doing. So we did curls. Up on left. Down on right. Stupid but not the dumbest thing we would do that night.

We lined back up at the base of the hill and prepared to do the group coupon climb again. During this second trip I later learned that someone may have eaten some merlot instead of splashing it. That too makes me happy.

Totally spent we didn’t waste time and lined the coupons back up and got our gear settled. As this point Wham! approached and asked if it was cool if he and Warden switch back to the own Rucks. Ya, so we back at Challenge 1 they had never switched back. Felt awful and another fail for the night. Although Wham! got better for it because Warden is training for a Heavy and he had an inmate in his Rucker. Really heavy from what we heard. Warden is a beast.

Back on the road and moving into the Frankfort Ave portion of the evening. We went hard not stopping for anything until we were blocked by a pretty motorist pulling out of a parking lot started hitting on Glauc. I didn’t catch the exchange but I heard it was great. As we approached our next little beatdown I ran ahead to catch another video.

Walgreens Beatdown

We pulled off about 1.5 miles into this portion of the night to face a monster wall. I had PAX line up and plank with feet against the wall. 30 seconds in I had everyone move their feet up the wall so their body and legs we parallel to the ground. Then proceeded to do Merkins. I think we did 4. They were murderous.

Next we removed PAX, got on our 6 for more flutter kicks with Rucks over our heads. Think someone begged me to stop. Not sure. We did stop and stayed on the six for Ruck presses. On my count of up/down. These too sucked. Then, maybe my new favorite, we did flutter kicks with presses on my count. These were a lot of fun and I plan to see them again at my next Q at the Posh.

This is becoming the longest thing I have ever typed on my phone. Speeding it up. You’re welcome.

Continued to press through the night and we made our next stop about 1 mile later at a well known bar called The Silver Dollar. OJ could already taste the food. I guess I am not the only one who loves this place. Lined everyone up on a 18 inch stone ledge facing the bar and neighboring restaurant. We did big step ups on my up/down and then did plank with incline Merkins on my up/down. Instead of walking in as we were fast approaching midnight we pushed on another .2 miles or so to the gem of the evening. We hung a right at Mellwood Ave and I steered everyone into the beer garden of Big Als Beeritaville. I had spoke with the owners earlier and they had a fire going for us out back. We dropped our gear and circled up for COT.

COR, NOR and we got a chance to name our new FNG Cole. Cole found us through FB and the KY Rucker’s. Because of his extensive time behind bars we named him Warden. I mentioned it before that he is a monster. Pretty sure he Rucked back to Mutt about 10 minutes after we arrived at the bar.

No intentions so I led us out with a quick thank you to the SkyQ for giving us the strength to overcome life’s challenges. I ask that he keep his watchful eye on as as we will undoubtedly continue to do stupid things. And that’s a wrap.

Good times were had by all. Another big thank you to Kelly and all the staff at Big Als, to Hamm for buying me that awful Smirnoff Ice and to all the PAX who attended. I had planned and mapped this thing to a T and you HIMs shredded my timeline by going faster and pushing harder than I had expected. I am not surprised but honored to find myself in your ranks. Until next time.

YHC- Zartan

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