Rucktoberfest PreBlast: October Ruck Event 10.18.19

Not too toot our own horn but last year this event won every possible award available for F3Louisville Rucking events. This year we plan to up the ante and really stack the pot with so much loot you will be floored when you finish this event. When:Oct 18th at 730pm Where: Holy Trinity Parish School […]

9.3.19 BoW BB

PAX: Violet Vincent (R) FloJo OJ Tron TinCup Cutlass Nickelback Flounder Zartan Conditions: not too bad as all Disclaimer given and short cut to tennis courts for COP All IC Grass Grabbers Imperial Walkers Abe Vs SSH To celebrate football season I concocted a little tennis court progression. 7 points is what you get for […]

8.6.19 BoW Q-School BB: Blah Blah Merkin Blah

PAX: Face, Airplane, Captain Insane-o, Buschhhhh, Wham!, Digiorno, PorkChop, PitStop, Abacus, Methane, Butcher, Merlin, Jinxy, GirlScout, Splinter, Data, Tron, Nugget, Dorthy, GreenWave, Paris, Doogie, Lobsta’, Gru, Gillespie, Vincent(R), Cutlass, Violet, FloJo & Zartan (Q) Conditions: bout as good as August gets. Gearlander: Altra kicks, shorts (too short) and shirt (too tight) with trusty tac hat […]

July 4th, 2019 Extender BB: Patriot Games

PAX: Wham!, Tureen, Geppetto, Blueprint, Duece, Miyagi, Wham-o (R), Digiorno, Tron, Diablo, Pepperoni, OldBay, Noxeema Jackson, Zartan (Q) Conditions: gloriously humid (or maybe we just worked really hard) Gearlander: Altra kicks, Brooks short shorts, Army T, tac hat Before we jump in I want to share something Diablo mentioned at the end of the WO. […]

6.26.19 Blender BB: Suicide Mile

PAX: CowBell, OldBay, Pope, Escort, PED, SumpPump, ReRe, Fridge, Trump, GlenRoss, McAfee(in an extremely low and gravelly voice), Grinder, Wham!, BigPoppy, Gilligan, Cornbread(R), BigBird, Vincent(R), HipHuggers(FNG) & Zartan(Q) Conditions: Sticky Gear: Altra Kicks, Short shorts, T and tac hat We celebrated my 2.0s birthday yesterday and I again ate too much and stayed up too […]

6.13.19 St Patrick’s BO: We MadLib’d the shoe out of it

PAX- FrostedTips, UncleRico, Fructose, TonyMilito, JitterBug, Latex, Dumphy, MeatBall, Harbaugh, Husky, Diablo and ChubbyChecks (QIC) Conditions- perfect. Slight breeze and 1,000 degrees Gearlander- purple underwear, polka dot dress and earrings 10 PAX got out for a Zartan led pickle. Harbaugh and Husky showed up early for an extra credit car wash. Everyone seemed angry when […]

6.6.19 Extender BB: Charles says…. Sweat.

PAX: Digiorno, Zima, Buschhhh, GlenRoss, OldBay, Face, Blueprint, Zoolander, Juicy, SunoPump, Wham-o, Fridge, Geppetto, Zartan(Q) Conditions: 66* and perfectly humid. Gearlander- 5.5 inch inseam black Brooks shorts, dry fit shirt, Altra kicks and tac hat. Today marked my 2yr Gloomiversary and as I went to write my PreBlast I figured I don’t have to always […]

BoW BB 4.23.19: One Mötley Crüe

PAX: Tron, Fridge, Captain Insane-o, Meatball, Kilo, Loco, Airplane, Abacus, OJ, Buschhhhh, ValPak, ScubaSteve, RedRoof, FloJo, JoannaGaines, Grinder, Wham!, Geppetto, Nugget, Gillespie, Diablo, Tiger, Vincent, Digiorno, Zartan Conditions: Well lit Gearlander: A bit snug Upon arriving today at the O, I was surprised to see the middle of the field lit up like a night […]

3.26.19 BoW Back Blast: Forgot to remember

PAX: Digorno, Tammy Faye Baker, Huggies, Penny, ShipLap, Flo Jo, Vincent (R), Diablo, Wham!, GlenRoss, Joanna Gaines, ValPak, MadCow, Zoolander, Buschhhhh, Tron, Gillispie, Violet, Zartan (Q) Conditions: About 30 degrees and clear as can be Gearlander: NB Minimus, LuLu shorts, Nike tee and tac hat.  oh and a F3 ascot. Been awhile since I Q’d […]

11.24.18 Ruiner BB: Charles Bronson kicked my ass

PAX: RedRoof, StarChild, Kilo, Vincent(R), Wham!, Deuce, BlackLung(DR), Hannibal, Nugget, SeaBass & Zartan (Q) Conditions: High 40’s and wet.  No rain but the ground was saturated. Gearlander: NB Minimus Kicks, SW socks, LuLu shorts, F3 Shirt, TacHat with Fighting 69th patch F3 gives you back what you put into it.  You work hard and show […]