July 4th, 2019 Extender BB: Patriot Games

PAX: Wham!, Tureen, Geppetto, Blueprint, Duece, Miyagi, Wham-o (R), Digiorno, Tron, Diablo, Pepperoni, OldBay, Noxeema Jackson, Zartan (Q)

Conditions: gloriously humid (or maybe we just worked really hard)

Gearlander: Altra kicks, Brooks short shorts, Army T, tac hat

Before we jump in I want to share something Diablo mentioned at the end of the WO. He remembered our first 4th of July WO at the O in 2017. At the time, 19 PAX showed up to our only AO in the city. The growth this group has experienced is crazy and it does not even feel like it’s been 2 years.

I went back and looked at the BB from that WO and the majority of those 19 PAX are still kicking ass and taking names and have been instrumental in the growth of F3 Louisville. TClaps to everyone who was in attendance.

Here is some BB history:

So back to today. I had a pretty awesome plan for today until last night I received a tweet from OldBay highlighting the Patriot Games our friends in Chicago were planning on doing today. Some jokes ensued and voila, it was now happening here too.

Buschhhhh (may need to change his name to Dominos) was supposed to be a part of today’s festivities as well but he was invited to a round of Putt Putt in Indiana and bailed. He did however come through with some refreshments. More on that later.

We moseyed to the portico for some stretching and warm ups. Everyone partnered up for what was about to go down. Here it is:

Everyone crushed this. We did everything less the 76 burpees at the end because I had planned a game of handball for our finale.

COR, NOR and COT. We all discussed how F45 sounds like way too many Fs for us. Have fun this 4th and be safe.

Z out

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