BoW BB 4.23.19: One Mötley Crüe

PAX: Tron, Fridge, Captain Insane-o, Meatball, Kilo, Loco, Airplane, Abacus, OJ, Buschhhhh, ValPak, ScubaSteve, RedRoof, FloJo, JoannaGaines, Grinder, Wham!, Geppetto, Nugget, Gillespie, Diablo, Tiger, Vincent, Digiorno, Zartan

Conditions: Well lit

Gearlander: A bit snug

Upon arriving today at the O, I was surprised to see the middle of the field lit up like a night game at the ball park. Of course I know a guy with the parks commission and am clearly taking credit for this improvement. So I modified my weinke a bit and headed to tennis courts.

I realized as soon as I walked up that there were way more guys than I expected. Great problem to have when Q’n.

Disclaimer made and we were off up the path towards Cannons Ln. About 200 yards up the road we saw Tiger rolling in hot so another quick modification to circle up and wait for my homeboy. He gets lost when he leaves the neighborhood.

20 SSH IC, 10 Abe Vigoda’s IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 Merkins IC and some leg stretches.

Thang 1. Broke into 4 groups for 20 minutes of 4 corners. Run between stations and execute exercises on the card.

Corner 1 was 5 Burpees on first lap and 25 Bluff Hikers on second lap.

C2- 10 jump squats and 30 hillbillies ( fun fact- the word hillbilly was first used on April 23dr in 1900 from the NY Journal)

C3- 15 lunges and 35 knee tuck jumps

C4- 20 Merkins and 40 Shoulder Tap planks

I had planned a coupon WO but with 10 coupons and 25 PAX we modified again. AYG run back to coupons.

We did increases reps of rows, squats, curls and overhead press. Started with 5 each, then 10 and so on.

P2 did something. Ran field, merkins, planks… you get the idea.

Made it to 15 reps then circles for Mary.

Full disclosure: Hip not feeling real good at this point in the workout.

10 Big Boys, 20 LBC IC and 15 Gas Pumps- rinse and repeat

15 American Hammers IC- think I did 10

15 or 20 V Ups. Also believe I did 10.

20 Dora’s IC. Maybe got 15 hear.

Phiffer Kicks but not like I use too.

I believe that was it.

Ran back to flag for COR, NOR and COT. Announcements for 1rd Custom GoRuck F3 Louisville event Oct 11th ( limited spots so holla at Kilo), FloJo reminded us of the AO olympics coming up in May and I led us out with some words of encouragement and a reminded that we all have each other’s backs.

Oh yeah, and we listed to some Mötley Crüe in honor of the movie “The Dirt” during the workout.

Thanks for coming out boys.

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