4/23/19 BackBlast #Loco @ The County – Fungi Q = Alphabet Soup

Weather – perfect

Pax – 21

  1. Bulletin
  2. Ladybird
  3. Alexa
  4. Valdez
  5. Jolly Rancher
  6. Wildflower
  7. Scratch N Dent
  8. Le Pew
  9. Cochran
  10. Mudbug
  11. Red Wagon
  12. Jerry Maguire
  13. Catfish
  14. Kimble
  15. Cowboy
  16. Viking
  17. Iceman
  18. Sandtrap
  19. Uncle Rico
  20. Huggies
  21. Fungi



Lap around parking lot

SSH (20 IC)

Imperial Walkers (20 IC)

Grass Grabbers (20 IC)

Downward Dog stretches

Kendra Newmans

Michael Phelps


Station 1 – Agility

Trace the alphabet with forward facing footwork within the confines of a parking spot

4 Merkins after each letter (A-Y) = 100


Station 2 – Sprint work

All you got 25 yds – recover back

All you got 50 yds – recover back

All you got 75 yrds


Station 3 – 1/3 mile lap aroud campus

Rinse and Repeat x 3 (or 4)

2nd time through with Big Boys in Station 1

3rd time through with Squats in Station 1

Only a couple people got to 4th time at Station 1 and I saw some more merkins and some LBCs (they outran my wienke)



Trace alphabet from your six.


COR (21)


Announcements – AOLympics May 18



Praise for clean scan for Mrs. Kilo

Fungi friend who lost job

Weedwacker scan

Message – use social media for good instead of evil.  Tone doesn’t always come through as planned!

Prayer of thanks for great day and to be HIMs

Always a pleasure – FUNGI

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