Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy Ruck 4/20/2019


On Saturday F3 Lou Ruckin (our F3 Louisville Ruck Club) sponsored another project in conjunction with the Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy.  Our mission was to ruck in honor of Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Danny Phillip Dietz Jr. We also organized a food drive with proceeds donated to the Wayside Christian Mission in Louisville KY.

Nineteen volunteers gathered on a cold rainy morning at 5:30am in front of the Seneca Park Tennis courts. Temps were in the 40’s F. We began by circling up and reading a short bio on Danny Dietz and how he lost his life defending our country during Operation Red Wings on June 28th 2005 in Afghanistan.

We then began our ruck heading eastward.  The cold rain was not letting up, which unfortunately, interfered with our photography this morning.

Grinder, our flag bearer, lead the way.  We had traversed about 1.5 miles when we circled up again.  New members of the group were introduced.  We were honored to have three veterans on the ruck with us.

Our return trip brought us back another 1.5 miles to the starting point.  Some members of our group broke out early to prepare for the next hour, which was the annual F3 Louisville convergence workout.  I thanked everyone for participating, and subsequently handed out the shirts and patches.  Food drive items were also collected which were delivered to the mission following the workout.

It was an honor and a privilege to again complete another project, honoring a fallen hero.  I would like to thank the Travis Manion Foundation and GoRuck for their continued support.



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