Preblast- The August Monthly Ruck 8/20/21 – Tidwell & Meter Maid Co-Q

Tidwell (youngest monthly ruck Q for F3 Louisville) and I are excited to lead the August 2021 monthly ruck. The weather will be perfect. It will start at County at 7pm. For those that aren’t familiar, the address is 212 Mt Mercy Drive, Pewee Valley, Ky. Here are the highlights: Excellent opportunity for 1st FContinue reading “Preblast- The August Monthly Ruck 8/20/21 – Tidwell & Meter Maid Co-Q”

6/12/19 D-Day 75th Anniversary Rucking Challenge Workout Backblast

When I saw this month’s GoRuck challenge I knew this one that I really wanted to do since both of my grandfathers were in the war.  For those not familiar with the Challenge, the goal is to ruck 25, 50, or 75 miles and complete 2, 3, or 4, specific workouts to receive a bronze,Continue reading “6/12/19 D-Day 75th Anniversary Rucking Challenge Workout Backblast”

Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy Ruck 4/20/2019

  On Saturday F3 Lou Ruckin (our F3 Louisville Ruck Club) sponsored another project in conjunction with the Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy.  Our mission was to ruck in honor of Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Danny Phillip Dietz Jr. We also organized a food drive with proceeds donated to the Wayside Christian Mission in LouisvilleContinue reading “Travis Manion Foundation Operation Legacy Ruck 4/20/2019”

The Not So SMURPH: Back Blast 2.16.19

This Saturday started off a little earlier than normal. With the Star Course closing in, several of us wanted to get some miles in prior to starting the day. At 0400, I met up with Alexa at the O Posh, and we planned to meet up with others who were starting at North Posh. WeContinue reading “The Not So SMURPH: Back Blast 2.16.19”

Christmas Caroling Ruck – Back Blast 12/8/2018

Weather – 28 degrees. Mild Wind.  58% humidity. 5 PAX and a 2.0  – Huggies(Q), Chestnut, Fungi, Plumb Bob, Miyagi Chestnut brought his daughter along.  She carried a 10 lb ruck sack and was ahead of us almost the whole time.  Very impressive. This month’s #RuckClubCallout was a caroling ruck.  We had to ruck atContinue reading “Christmas Caroling Ruck – Back Blast 12/8/2018”

Pre-Blast. BO. Ruck. Black Friday: Let’s Go Shopping…Ruck. I Meant To A BEAT DOWN!

  Date: 11/23/2018   Time:  0630   Where: The O — Basketball Courts   Gents, Who wants to get in some extra credit before we start?? HA! Joking.  I won’t be on Miyagi-Time. I will be on F3 Time. So let’s get out there and get to it! We will be booking it, and thereContinue reading “Pre-Blast. BO. Ruck. Black Friday: Let’s Go Shopping…Ruck. I Meant To A BEAT DOWN!”

BackBlast GoRuck Operation Red Wings Tough 7/20/18

The following backblast were written from our unique perspectives of the challenge. SKID – just proud of you all clearly leading the way despite being newbies If anything, I’d add how I hate being platoon leader/ squad leader….. but how GOOD it is for me to do that. I don’t like having people depend onContinue reading “BackBlast GoRuck Operation Red Wings Tough 7/20/18”