Preblast- The August Monthly Ruck 8/20/21 – Tidwell & Meter Maid Co-Q

Tidwell (youngest monthly ruck Q for F3 Louisville) and I are excited to lead the August 2021 monthly ruck. The weather will be perfect. It will start at County at 7pm. For those that aren’t familiar, the address is 212 Mt Mercy Drive, Pewee Valley, Ky. Here are the highlights:

Excellent opportunity for 1st F (4 stops along the way with different PAX leading short workouts at each location)

Awesome 2nd F- think fire, water and ice (recommend swimming trunks, cold beverages toward end), and lots of opportunity for mumblechatter.

Opportunity to support the 3rd F – Critically Loved, a local charity, that helps to navigate life with a chronically or critically ill child.- We currently have $815 of our $1,000 target (as of 8/18 at 8:30pm). If we hit our target, Tidwell repels down a 10 story building on September 19th. Let’s make that happen and support a great case. I can take Venmo at @Robert-McGonnell.

Below are something to bring for Friday night:

Ruck with recommended weight. It is 30 pounds over 150 pounds and 20 pounds under 150 pounds. However, modify as necessary. I have a few I can lend out if you need them. Just DM me.

Swimming trunks and towel (recommended)

Reflectors for Ruck

Head Lamp Plus Extra Batteries

Photo ID + Quitters Cash ($20) – however all the stops will be nearby the County if you do need to leave early


-Tidwell and Meter Maid

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