Pre-Blast. BO. Ruck. Black Friday: Let’s Go Shopping…Ruck. I Meant To A BEAT DOWN!



Date: 11/23/2018


Time:  0630


Where: The O — Basketball Courts


Gents, Who wants to get in some extra credit before we start?? HA! Joking.  I won’t be on Miyagi-Time. I will be on F3 Time. So let’s get out there and get to it! We will be booking it, and there will be team weights, because, “We Don’t Wake Up For Easy!” Stuff your face, and drink your fill tonight, but be ready to work it off in the A.M. I look forward to seeing all you HIMs in the morning.

What to bring:

  • Weather appropriate attire
  • Ruck
  • Your choice of weight, but push yourself
  • Water bladder/bottle
  • Gloves
  • Headlight (optional)



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