BB – Goshen BO – 5/19/22 – Meter Maid Q

This morning I brought all the potted plants, all the sandbags/filler bags and a few rucks to Goshen. If you haven’t made it out, I highly recommend it. It is only a matter of time before this becomes an official AO. Started with a disclaimer and then we moseyed to the back parking lot forContinue reading “BB – Goshen BO – 5/19/22 – Meter Maid Q”

Pre-blast: 12/08/21 – Black Ops @ The Patriot

The men of The Patriot have been doing some amazing things and it’s time I make a visit for a Q to see what it’s all about. I’ll be bringing a workout that will challenge the major muscle groups while sprinkling in a little cardio to keep us warm. Please bring a coupon (ruck, sandbag,Continue reading “Pre-blast: 12/08/21 – Black Ops @ The Patriot”

BB – The Fog 3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q

I always enjoy working out and rucking at the Posh. Yogi and his team do a fantastic job of maintaining the grounds. As my pre-blast stated, I scheduled a pre-Ruck workout. Gaba Gaba and I cast off at 5:45am and got about 3.8 miles going to toward North Posh and back. Before the workout, itContinue reading “BB – The Fog 3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q”

PB- The Fog -3/6/21 – Meter Maid Q

Make it a double. I will be leading a pre-ruck at the normal South Posh from 5:45 -6:45AM. Then, I will be Qing the Fog. We will be moving and touring many areas of the Parklands. No coupons required but gloves are recommended. SYITG! -Meter Maid

BB- The Patriot 3/1/2021 – Meter Maid Q

F3 Louisville’s newest Black Ops site is located by the LaGrange Courthouse and has been going each Monday. This marked the 4th week and my first time to Q here. For those that make it out here, make sure to fill up your vehicles while you are out here. Gas is about 30 cents cheaperContinue reading “BB- The Patriot 3/1/2021 – Meter Maid Q”

BB- Blacks Ops PT Training at O – Meter Maid Q

I agreed to Q earlier this week. I had drawn up a plan last tonight to do 11s on the tennis court and run with our rucks around a short track. I wasn’t sure what the numbers would be given all of the other options for Friday morning. One things for sure it was hotContinue reading “BB- Blacks Ops PT Training at O – Meter Maid Q”

PreBlast- 7/10/20 Black Ops GrowRuck PT Training with Meter Maid @ The O

If you haven’t signed up for GrowRuck in October, you should. If you want to train for it, come on out to the O. Bring your rucks, gloves and a can do attitude. This workout will get your heart rate up. -Meter Maid

Pre-Blast: 4/1/20 – Temple of ZOOM – Virtual Black Ops

Get up and into the virtual gloom tomorrow for YHCs first crack at leading one our new virtual workout offerings. I’m bringing a series of Tabata-style sets for all PAX in attendance. Full body beatdown guaranteed. No coupons, no counting reps, no running. We’ll stay in one place but there will be plenty of moving.Continue reading “Pre-Blast: 4/1/20 – Temple of ZOOM – Virtual Black Ops”

BB Long Run Park Black Ops 01/22/20 –

I love new locations to work out at. So many options and possibilities. Meeting new PAX and reconnecting with longtime PAX. That is a part of F3 that I love. I highly encourage everyone to check out Long Run Park. Great location and a great group of HIMs!! This morning was cold (17°) so IContinue reading “BB Long Run Park Black Ops 01/22/20 –”

Pre-Blast for Long Run Park BO, Methane Q 1/22/20

Heeeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaack!!! After taking a couple of days off toward the end of 2019, Methane is back in the Glooom!! Yes, you are reading that correctly, and yes, I spelled Glooom correctly. At Long Run Park, they earn an extra ‘o’ because they start at 5am!! This group of HIMs are awesome and hopefully MethaneContinue reading “Pre-Blast for Long Run Park BO, Methane Q 1/22/20”

BB- Nolin Lake Black Ops Ruck @ 5/26/2019

Last Memorial Day was my first F3 ruck. It took a place in Dog Creek with Flounder, Gypsy, PewPew and YHC. This year, I planned on hosting the ruck at Nolin Lake. PAX: Gypsy, Flounder, Jolly Rancher, and Meter Maid (Q) We met at 7AM EST. There was a lot of great mumblechatter. Interesting discussionContinue reading “BB- Nolin Lake Black Ops Ruck @ 5/26/2019”

BB for Silver Dunes BO – The Temple of Dune 4/4

Last chance workout in Florida for the Silver Dunes guys so Methane decided to serve up some Surf and Turf. Little WO on the grass courtyard, then finish on the Beach. T-claps to Stretch for posting again after Vincent’s Merkin Madness. Great to meet new people and spread the gift of F3. PAX Iceman –Continue reading “BB for Silver Dunes BO – The Temple of Dune 4/4”

Pre Blast 3/19- BlackOps @ Bayside

The PAX at Bayside are on a continuous streak making the BO on Tuesdays happen. This week is no exception and we are going to keep the streak alive! We will be moving a lot and possibly enter areas which are unchartered waters. And just for Charolais, there won’t be any burpees.. Be ready toContinue reading “Pre Blast 3/19- BlackOps @ Bayside”

Back Blast – 1/27/2019 – Big 4 Bridge

YHC was looking to get some ruck miles in prep for the April Columbus StarCourse and to qualify for the newest patch from GoRuck – Times Challenge. The requirements were to ruck 12 miles – no more, no less. I had seen where Plumb Bob had scheduled a Black Ops ruck at the Big FourContinue reading “Back Blast – 1/27/2019 – Big 4 Bridge”

Back Blast-Southern Indiana Black Ops 2/2/19:

The Indiana HIMs have been traveling around Louisville over the last several weeks hitting up the Mutt and The O, and 2rd F’ing at the coffeterias, it was time for some Louisville HIMs to visit. Methane and Aerobie, met up and clown car’d over. Wait who’s car is that-snowman making the journey! Great job! WeContinue reading “Back Blast-Southern Indiana Black Ops 2/2/19:”

Heavy at Vets: 12 Days of HEAVY – Backblast

After a weekend of indulging, I thought of no better way to start off the week than with a HEAVY workout with my HIMS. SO when Worm asked me last week if I would Q it, I said YES because it will force me to get out on a Monday after a long weekend. AtContinue reading “Heavy at Vets: 12 Days of HEAVY – Backblast”

BB for BO at BigFour Bridge 10-20-18

Continuing to try and build on Grinder’s grass roots efforts to get Southern Indiana going, Methane head locked his brother, April, to start recruiting. Last week we had 5 FNGs and will keep the BigFour Bridge BOs a thang. There is a lot of respect up here and such a great place to workout. PAX-Continue reading “BB for BO at BigFour Bridge 10-20-18”

WE FOUND THE MOUNTAIN BackBlast @ Norton Commons – 10/19/2018

20 PAX (2 FNG’s) came out to Pleasantville for Uncle Rico’s beat down.  Needless to say I finally found the mountain that Norton Commons so graciously created.  Didn’t realize Pleasantville had already started showing signs of winter.  I gave the PAX the disclaimer and we were off. PAX: Q Uncle Rico Airplane, Pork Chop, Fergie,Continue reading “WE FOUND THE MOUNTAIN BackBlast @ Norton Commons – 10/19/2018”

08.10.18 Backblast Black Ops at Norton Common

Thanks to everyone who made it out. It was my first Q at Norton Commons. Thanks also to Steerage who provided the 10 coupons. We had a perfect number of 10 PAX for the coupons. PAX: Crab Legs, Flood Plain, Mud Bug, Uncle Rico, Barney Fife (FNG), Bean Counter, Bulletin (Respect), Tin Cup, Grinder andContinue reading “08.10.18 Backblast Black Ops at Norton Common”