BB for BO at BigFour Bridge 10-20-18

Continuing to try and build on Grinder’s grass roots efforts to get Southern Indiana going, Methane head locked his brother, April, to start recruiting. Last week we had 5 FNGs and will keep the BigFour Bridge BOs a thang. There is a lot of respect up here and such a great place to workout.



April (R)

Puddin’ (R)

Mr. Wipple

Jake, from State Farm (R)


Methane – Q


Methane took the Q and decided to do a Q school lite. Throughout the WO we discussed things like the 5 rules of F3, cadence counting, what the flags are for and most importantly-for God’s sake, clap on your burpees!!


Abe Vigotas

Kendra Newmans

Mountain Climbers

Grass Grabbers


3 Team Weave. T1 &T2 do different exercises while T3 runs from one station to the next to relieve that team rinse and repeat.

1-Merkins/American Hammers


3-Carolina Dry Dock/Davinci’s

4-Box Jumps/LBC


Stairway to Seven. 6 squats at bottom of stairs run up to top for 1 Burpee. Then 5 squats run up to 2 burpees. All the way to 1 and 6. THOSE STAIRS DO NOT EVER END….


Jack Webb. So much fun with new people.


Welcome Duker! Prayers to the SkyQ and so grateful to be able to work out.

Methane out

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