Backblast – The Hurt @ Le Mutt 10/20/18 – The Harry and Lloyd Show

When Geppetto announced that he needed a Q for The Hurt on Saturday I thought it would be a perfect time to bring out the ol’ Harry and Lloyd routine. I was going to Camp Piomingo with my son’s class for three days, so coming up with a full Q would have been tough. When I suggested a Co-Q, Geppetto jumped on it like Harry on Lloyd’s back. We broke up the workout into upper and lower body. Lloyd (Geppetto), took the upper while I took the lower body. Suffice to say we had a complete full body beatdown.

Co-Q’s: Gepetto(Lloyd)/Backdraft (Harry)

Pax: Deuce, Windshield, Wham-O, Blue Print, Noxema Jackson, Sump Pump, Meatball, Drysdale, Tiger, Wham-O

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog Calf Stretches, Cobra, Fire Hydrants, Back Leg Kicks, Arm & Shoulder stretches.

Thang 1 (Lower Body): – Pax run around the block; at each street corner we completed a 20-rep exercise

  • First Corner – 20 Deep Squats
  • 2nd Corner – 20 Side Lunges (10 Per Leg)
  • 3rd Corner – 20 Reverse Lunges (10 Per Leg)
  • 4th Corner – 20 One Legged Deadlifts (10 Per Leg)

Thang 2 (Lower Body): Mosey to the coupon patio. Find a wall for some Aiken Legs!

  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Box Jumps
  • 10 Lunges
  • 10 Split Jacks
  • Al Gore while waiting for the six

Rinse and repeat X 5

Thang 3 (Upper Body): Mosey to the playground for a Pull Up Waterfall. Partner up; Partner 1 completes 10 pull ups, then partner 2 completes 10 pull ups. Then each partner rinse and repeats 8,6,4,2 Pull ups.

Thang 4 (Upper Body): Mosey to the upper parking lot and partner up for a BooYa Merkin Waterfall. In the middle of the parking lot Partners face each other and complete 10 BooYa Merkins (BYM), then run to the end of the parking spaces and back.  Rinse and repeat 8 BYM’s, 6,4,2 reps.

Thang 5 (Upper Body): Coupon Time Bombs starting at 10 reps; Pax circles up and completes Bench Press, Curls, and Shoulder Press (5 Reps) time bombs.

Thang 6: Mary; Each Pax member chooses a Mary exercise.

COT: Announcements were made about the food drive and upcoming convergence, check Slack for details. Intentions went up to thank the Sky Q for giving us the ability to gather once again.  Thanks to Lloyd, I mean Geppetto for Co-Qing with me today. Harry, I mean Backdraft out!

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