11-06-19 – The Heavy Blender – Go CATS!!

It should be perfect weather for The Heavy Blender tomorrow morning. Come out to The Mutt for a good ol’ fashioned Backdraft beatdown.  There won’t be much running but should be a lot of heavy breathing. If you have an extra ruck please bring it. We can use them for weighted exercises. And for allContinue reading “11-06-19 – The Heavy Blender – Go CATS!!”

09-27-19 – Backblast – The Chopper @ The Vet – GO TIGERS!!

I haven’t Q’d at The Vet in a while, but I am always reminded why I love it out there so much. A diverse group of HIM’s that like to bust each other’s balls…my kind of people! My morning started with picking up some strange dude in front of The Mutt at 5 am. IContinue reading “09-27-19 – Backblast – The Chopper @ The Vet – GO TIGERS!!”

09-27-19 – PreBlast – The Chopper @ The Vet – School Spirit Friday!

Tomorrow night is the annual rubber match between St.X and Trinity at Katina Powell Cardinal Stadium. In honor of this, I am designating tomorrow as school spirit day at The Chopper. Wear your favorite school colors, whatever school that may be, and be ready for a proper beat down. I would suggest knowing your schoolContinue reading “09-27-19 – PreBlast – The Chopper @ The Vet – School Spirit Friday!”

08-14-19 – The Inagural Heavy Blender @ The Mutt

Geppetto has been talking about bringing a weight based workout to The Mutt for some time. We finally made it happen on Wednesday. Geppetto has put a lot of work in on this project. Actually, I think he has worked harder on this than he has his real job! For proof, just ask him aboutContinue reading “08-14-19 – The Inagural Heavy Blender @ The Mutt”

08-14-19 Preblast-The (Inaugural) Heavy Blender @ The Mutt

Join us at The Mutt tomorrow for our kickoff to The Heavy Blender. This is going to be a permanent change to The Blender. We are stealing a page from our brothers at The Vet who have done a great job with their Heavy Monday’s! Geppetto has spear headed this effort and as Site QContinue reading “08-14-19 Preblast-The (Inaugural) Heavy Blender @ The Mutt”

08-07-19 – Backblast – The Blender @ Le Mutt – Q-School

Q School week!! Yes!!! Damn, I love it! Ok, well, not really. Q School is like going to the dentist; it’s not something you necessarily enjoy but it needs to be done. So we did it…Mutt style of course, which is always a little off, but it gets the job done. I practiced my COPContinue reading “08-07-19 – Backblast – The Blender @ Le Mutt – Q-School”

07-13-19 Pre-blast – Backdraft/Geppetto (Ghost) Q – 2 Year Postiversary @ Le Mutt

Tomorrow is the Backdraft/Geppetto 2 year postiversary at The Mutt! It’s really hard to put into words what F3 has meant to both of us since we went to the O that morning two years ago.  Unfortunately, Geppetto will be unable to attend. He will be there in spirit of course as we do aContinue reading “07-13-19 Pre-blast – Backdraft/Geppetto (Ghost) Q – 2 Year Postiversary @ Le Mutt”

Backblast – The Extender – Giblets and Jorts

I had been out of town on vacation in California for the last two weeks. It had been a while since I had worked out and I felt it. To make matters worse, I had to partner up with Busshh & trying to keep up with him is just stupid, unless your name is ScubaContinue reading “Backblast – The Extender – Giblets and Jorts”

Backblast – The Chopper @ The Vet – Twister and Trumpeting!

I am not sure why, but it seems every time I have posted at The Vet recently it rains. It rained last Friday and low & behold it was raining this morning. Gepetto asked me on the ride over if I had a contingency plan for the rain to which I responded no. He thenContinue reading “Backblast – The Chopper @ The Vet – Twister and Trumpeting!”

Backblast – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – Dad Bod’s

With spring break upon us I wanted to work on our Dad bods today. If you’re going to take people to the gun show when you’re hanging on the beach you can’t show up with pellet guns! My weinke was scientifically designed to boost the tone and girth of each Pax member’s arms and chest. Continue reading “Backblast – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – Dad Bod’s”

Preblast – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – Backdraft Q

If you missed my Q at The Ruiner on Saturday you might find some things familiar in tomorrow’s workout. We only have a couple days left to get those beach bods in top notch condition. Come on out for a good ol’ fashioned Backdraft beat down. I will promise two things; there may be someContinue reading “Preblast – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – Backdraft Q”

Backblast – The Ruiner @ The O – Men’s Journal Beat Down

You know how I know I am old? I still read hard copy magazines and one of my favorites is Men’s Journal. It has all kinds of cool stuff in it and actually pretty good articles. One of the recent articles I read was titled “The 30 Best Body Weight Exercises for Men”. As soonContinue reading “Backblast – The Ruiner @ The O – Men’s Journal Beat Down”

Preblast – The Ruiner @ The O – Backdraft Q

It’s almost time for spring break but we still have a week of school left and a few more things to learn. I will be teaching a few lessons tomorrow at The Ruiner. Some of these lessons may be painful but you might learn a thing or two. I can promise that you won’t beContinue reading “Preblast – The Ruiner @ The O – Backdraft Q”

Backblast – Black Ops @ The O – The Pax of Two

5:24 am, I am pulling down the street at Seneca, rain pinging off my windshield and I see no one. I mean NO ONE. Usually this time of day I’ll see a couple cars, maybe a walker or jogger…nope, nada, nothing. I back into my parking spot and there are literally no other cars inContinue reading “Backblast – Black Ops @ The O – The Pax of Two”

Pre-Blast – Monday Black Ops @ The O – Backdraft Q

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run with coupons? How about running with coupons in a driving rain? Wait, how about running with coupons, in a COLD driving rain?!?! I know it sounds amazing doesn’t it?!?! Well, have I got a treat for you tomorrow morning. Come out to The O,Continue reading “Pre-Blast – Monday Black Ops @ The O – Backdraft Q”

Backblast – The Rooster – I Hate(Love) Burpees!

Great group this morning! I always draw energy off the group and this morning was no exception! As I mentioned in my pre-blast, we did some running and we did warm up. So much so, that I had to take my top layer off. I have been accused by a certain Pax member that likesContinue reading “Backblast – The Rooster – I Hate(Love) Burpees!”

Backblast – The Mutt – 12/8/18 – Embrace the Suck!

When Gepetto asked someone to Q on Saturday I have to admit I wasn’t the first one to step forward but I knew he needed some help so I thought what the hell, I’ll do it. I like the extra 15 minutes on Saturday because that last 15 minutes can be really tough. I followContinue reading “Backblast – The Mutt – 12/8/18 – Embrace the Suck!”

Preblast – The Mutt – 12-08-18 – Backdraft on the Q

Tomorrow will be my last post as a 45 year old! One of the many things I have learned over the years is to just say what I mean. So I am not going to sugar coat it, tomorrow morning is probably going to suck! But don’t let that discourage you from posting! Join meContinue reading “Preblast – The Mutt – 12-08-18 – Backdraft on the Q”

Pre-Blast – Blackops @ The O – 11/05/18

If you’ve been missing that little bit of something to start your week off right I’ve got just the thing for you! Come join me tomorrow morning at The O and I will help kick start your week. We will visit Cogan’s corner/court for sure and play some BlackJack. I’ve got some other dumb stuffContinue reading “Pre-Blast – Blackops @ The O – 11/05/18”

Backblast – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – 10/30/18 – “Small Amount of Running”

First off, sorry for getting this out two days late. Secondly, I guess there was slight confusion in my pre-blast. It seems “a small amount” of running was interpreted as NO running, or 0 running, or Backdraft hates running, or… well you get my drift. For any of the 28 who attended and thought weContinue reading “Backblast – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – 10/30/18 – “Small Amount of Running””

Backblast – The Hurt @ Le Mutt 10/20/18 – The Harry and Lloyd Show

When Geppetto announced that he needed a Q for The Hurt on Saturday I thought it would be a perfect time to bring out the ol’ Harry and Lloyd routine. I was going to Camp Piomingo with my son’s class for three days, so coming up with a full Q would have been tough. WhenContinue reading “Backblast – The Hurt @ Le Mutt 10/20/18 – The Harry and Lloyd Show”

Back Blast – The Mutt – 09-11-18 – All Gave Some, Some Gave All, Never Forget.

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Flight 93.  2966 people died that day. As I mentioned during COT, the first responders who worked in the aftermath of that tragedy are continuing to die from illness today. Let us never forget the sacrifices that were madeContinue reading “Back Blast – The Mutt – 09-11-18 – All Gave Some, Some Gave All, Never Forget.”

Pre-Blast – The Mutt – 09/11/18 – 17th Anniversary of 9/11

As we approach the 17th anniversary of 9/11, the four Q’s at each AO have put our heads together to come up with an F3 style salute to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice that morning. Here’s what was lost that day: 412 total emergency responders of which 343 were firefighters; 2966 totalContinue reading “Pre-Blast – The Mutt – 09/11/18 – 17th Anniversary of 9/11”