Backblast – The Rooster @ Le Mutt – Dad Bod’s

With spring break upon us I wanted to work on our Dad bods today. If you’re going to take people to the gun show when you’re hanging on the beach you can’t show up with pellet guns! My weinke was scientifically designed to boost the tone and girth of each Pax member’s arms and chest.  Now, I know what all of you are thinking when you hear the word girth…your stomach’s. The only way to decrease girth from your stomach area is to get that heart rate up and burn some calories. So we ran some (but not too much Sump Pump) and worked on our guns, whether they were pellet, BB, or Air Soft.  Most importantly we all got better together.

Q: Backdraft

Pax: Wham-O (Respect), Tiger, PED, Draper, Windshield, Miyagi, Deuce, Fridge, Mary Poppins, Yogi, Beano, Meatball, Pork Chop, Cornbread, Larry Flint, Fergie, Sump Pump, Snowman, Messi

COP: Mosey around the building, Side Straddle Hops, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Downward Dog Calf Stretches, Runners Stretch, & Hillbillies.

Thang 1: The Pax Splits into two groups; Group 1 mosey’s to front of building with coupons and Group 2 mosey’s to the small playground. Groups 1 & 2 complete both exercises in each round running 1/4 mile between each station. At the end of round 4 each group should have run approximately one mile.

  • Round 1: Coupon Curls/15 Pull Ups
  • Round 2: Coupon Skull Crushers/15 Hanging Leg Lifts
  • Round 3 Coupon Curls/15 Pull Ups
  • Round 4: Coupon Skull Crushers/15 Hanging Leg Lifts

Thang 2: Pax lined up at the top of the hill in front of the rectory. Complete one minute of each exercise then run to the bottom of the hill and back to the top. Rinse and repeat.


Carolina Dry Docks

Ran out of time

COT: Announcements were made about the mental health awareness workout tomorrow. A big shout out to Miyagi and Aerobie for planting the seed and getting this thing to grow nationally. There were many health intentions that went up today for friends and family members. Please keep all of these close to your hearts and send prayers up for each of them.   As always, thanks to all who came out! Backdraft out.

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