3.27.19 #The Bridge-Pre Blast #F3MentalBattle

Did you ever think about the timing around why things happen? Do you then go on to think, perhaps it is just where I am supposed to be at that moment doing what I am supposed to be doing and with the people I am meant to be with?

I raised my hand to Q at The Bridge at the beginning of this month and tried to get on for 3/20 so that throughout F3 Louisville, all workouts would be led by County Boys. The plan was thwarted when Pork Chop wanted to lead his birthday Q. I was happy to step aside for such a fantastic HIM. Retainer then asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking the 27th and I of course obliged. At that time the #f3mentalbattle, although I’m sure had been conceived, was not yet known to the rest of F3Nation. Hence, I didn’t know I would be leading a workout on such a profound day that will have such significant meaning.

We all are affected in some way either directly or through acquaintances, of the the ongoing battle that is mental health and suicide. We have an important role to play within this group that was undiscovered to us as Sad Clowns. That role is to look for opportunities to help others in need. As we continue to work on the best version of who we are meant to be, we should share the good we find in ourselves with others. Be a beacon of light to those that are in the darkness.

If you are the people I am meant to be with tomorrow, let’s get out and work for those that are unable or who have not yet found us.

I hope to SYITG.

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