BB: 3/23/19 The MAX @ Bayside

Q Glauc

PAX:  Shuttlecock, Charlois, Birdie, Banana Bread, Fanny Pack

It was nice to be back ITG.. and Q’ing..  After a nearly 2 week hiatus from posting, I needed a good full body blast

Mosey to rear of school

COP.   15 Hillbilly walkers,  10 grassgrabbers (right leg), 10 grass grabbers (left leg) , 25 SSH,  Plank stretching, 20 SSH, plank Stretching.

Mosey back to front of school..

Thang 1:  To song “Brother”   4 lunge walks (each leg/step = 1) then 1 burpee,.. repeat the entire song,  ( we were in a smaller parking lot area and going back and forth . it is about a 20 yard  width)

Thang 2:  to song “Don’t Let me down” . Performed in same area as above.  Lunge walk to one end… 5 mexican jumping bean squats.. lunge back… 10 anton ono’s ..

The combination of the above two got the legs cooking.

mosey to coupon area.  grab mini coups.

1:4 ratio..  1 Merkin : 4 lateral fly (pulling shoulder blades together)  to 10 : 40…

mosey  (about 150 yards) 1) hold plank 1 min  2) 50 SSH (IC)

mosey back

1:4 ratio:  1 mexican jumping bean squats :  4 air presses to 10:40  (the mini coups were optional on the air presses)  I did about 1/2 with the mini coups.\\

Finish with 50 Freddy Mercury (in cadence)

I am a big fan of the mini coups (Mini brick pavers) They are small but can be mighty.. this was definitely a toaster and I was a bit shaky seeing patients later that am.

Glauc OUT!

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