PB: 06/13 Glauc Q “The last hoo rah”

Well, not really I will be around to some degree. Know in the am there will be several things that have been “Glauc Q specials” from the past.. Including.. some random music, ab o rama and basically a bunch of fun stuff Bitter sweet.. my heart hurts on many levels leaving you fine HIMS HopeContinue reading “PB: 06/13 Glauc Q “The last hoo rah””

PB: 10/14/19 – Glauc Q @ S. Posh – The Incubator

After an almost 2 month hiatus from a severely strained calf muscle, I am back ITG on a somewhat regular basis.  Looking forward to getting back to the posh and have a pretty nice one cooked up.. In that, there will be no merkins… no burpees and nooo bear crawls.. “Glauc, how can you haveContinue reading “PB: 10/14/19 – Glauc Q @ S. Posh – The Incubator”

BB: 08/06/19 Glauc Back to Q School @ Bayside

  I think the Q school week is a great idea and probably should be done on a yearly basis.  I know we all have slack etc etc; however, not many newer f3 HIM’s know the role of the AO leadership and with that, some basics of a workout: Q : Glauc PAX: Nino, Shuttlecock,Continue reading “BB: 08/06/19 Glauc Back to Q School @ Bayside”

BB: 06/29/19, 07/4/19, 07/23/19 Bayside Catch up…

06/29:  Q Glauc :     PAX:  Birdie, Charlois, Scuba Steve, Gilly Long mosey around school back to COP area.. COP:  Not recorded, but I am sure some form of hillbilly walkers, SSH, Plank Stretching and maybe a few burpees. The Thang: 1 Minute intervals @ 9 stations: Burpees,  2. Merkins, 3. Big Bois  4) squatContinue reading “BB: 06/29/19, 07/4/19, 07/23/19 Bayside Catch up…”

BB Glauc Q @ bayside… music generator is back!

Man, it was great to wake up and not see it pouring down rain.  I had planned my weinke on the fact it was going to be pouring.  Not only was it not pouring rain, the pavement was even dry… Glauc Q… PAX:  Charlois, Decaf, Gilly, Shuttlecock, Fanny Pack mosey around parking lot to couponContinue reading “BB Glauc Q @ bayside… music generator is back!”

PB: 06/17/19.. Glauc Q @ S. Posh. The Incubator #Motivation

I saw my brother in law today.. he was looking at a few of my pictures from a recent golf trip and said “you’re getting a little belly on you, aren’t you?”  #motivation .  Grant it, my belly is about 1/2 the size as his, but it was still humbling and motivating none the less. Continue reading “PB: 06/17/19.. Glauc Q @ S. Posh. The Incubator #Motivation”

BB 05/24/19: Wisteria @ Pleasantville

It was my Vpost and VQ at Pleasantville.  Am a big fan of Norton Commons.. If you live there.. kuddos. The place is Pleasantville and I love Verbena Cafe for a good breakfast.  Had a general feel of the area after attending a “summer concert series” last year at the amphitheater… but still, had toContinue reading “BB 05/24/19: Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

PB 05/24: Glauc Q, Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Looking forward to my VQ and first ever post at Wisteria!   don’t let that vq fool you.. this action will be high paced and get the blood moving.  Considering the location of nearby houses (and the fact that it is misplaced) , random music generator will not be there.  Looking forward to seeing all.. 5:30Continue reading “PB 05/24: Glauc Q, Wisteria @ Pleasantville”

BB: The Max 05/18 & The Incubator 05/20 & the mystery of the lost phone.

It was a good Q break for me.. I’ve been on vacation/ out of commission for a few weeks.  I have made it a personal goal to do a little “longer” running through the week.  Many F3 workouts generally stay .5 miles or less on a stint of running.  So, the saturday Q at baysideContinue reading “BB: The Max 05/18 & The Incubator 05/20 & the mystery of the lost phone.”