BB: Incubator (06/17/19)

Crazy to think we are coming up on 2 years @ the posh!  it’s been a great two years and it was great to get out with these HIMS monday AM

Glaucoma Q

PAX:  Ashley, Pig Sooie (FNG), Crock Pot, Fraanz (FNG), fanny pack, bob ross, ice man, jitterbug, skermish, deep dish, airball, scratch n dent, dynomyte, my pleasure, lady bird

to note: lady bird was having a digestive emergency and had to fly off to the speedway (or back to his house)

mosey two laps around parking lot, then back to flags

COP:  Plank Stretching, grass grabbers (10 IC each side)  Crucible Merkins (10 single count), unilateral leg squats (R and L, 10 each , single count)   10 burpees (OYO), 40 SSH IC

2 laps around lot with an AYG in an area from center of lap to the end.  basically an ayg about 1/4 of each lap.  finish @ portico.

30 second intervals:  Incline merkins, dips, superman, crucible merkins, plank  (repeat another round)

Do the same mosey above (2 laps with an AYG on each lap)

30 second intervals:  jumping bean squats, unilateral leg squats (R), unilateral leg squats (L),  curtsey lunge (R), curtsey lunge (L), calf raises ( rinse and repeat)

same mosey except only 1 lap with an AYG.

1  minute intervals:  Ace/Gary,  Ace/ Gary (switch partners), LBC, full LBC, freddie mercury…

Great to have 2 FNG’s out to the posh.. Pig Sooie and Fraanz

Pig Sooie because he is originally from Arkansas

Fraanz (pig sooie’s son) .. got his name from “hanz and franz” on snl i believe.. because he wants to develop his own personal training gym..

announcements and prayers… Glauc OUT!



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