BB: Glauc Q @ the Tank

The Tank is a great spot for an AO.. Since my last post, the lighting has definitely improved. Along with some fine HIMS and plenty of flatulence, it made for a good time.

Conditions.. muggy

Glauc Q

Meatball, Rhythm, Snow Day, PK, Greenwitch, Whopner, The dealer for the people, Atlas, sadie, Carlose

Mosey to big parking lot.. COT

Hillbilly walkers (12 IC), 3 burpees OYO, Plank stretching, 3 burpees OYO, 20 SSH (IC) Plank Stretching, 3 burpees OYO…

5 minutes of ab o rama for @dannywormknapp

Grab a heavy coupon..

really like this 1:4 ratio combo…   Curls (with coupon): mountain climbers (holding coupon) (1:4 to 10:40)

mosey to other side of parking lot..

1 minute Ace / Gary with partners.  1 partner big bois the other holding ankles in high plank.  switch partners

Mosey back to coupons.

Put coupons shoulder width apart… merkin (with hands on coupons for a deeper merkin): air presses (1:4 – 10:40)  basically modified jack webb.

mosey to the flag

mexican jumping bean squat: anton ono (1:4 to 10:40)

Ab o rama for @dannywormknapp.

Great to be out at the tank this am..

Glauc out!

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