BB 05/24/19: Wisteria @ Pleasantville

It was my Vpost and VQ at Pleasantville.  Am a big fan of Norton Commons.. If you live there.. kuddos. The place is Pleasantville and I love Verbena Cafe for a good breakfast.  Had a general feel of the area after attending a “summer concert series” last year at the amphitheater… but still, had to keep it simple….

conditions: steamy… and I made sure to wear 7″ inseam shorts for @peterandashely (if he were to show up, i felt that I had to know)

Q: Gluac

PAX: Pope, Big Bird, Wildflower, uncle rico, fructose, meter maid, cowboy, blart, scratch n dent, fergie, zima, airplane

Mosey a semi longer way around the ampetheater.. to the main stage.

COT:  12 Hillbilly walkers ,  3 Burpees,  plank stretching, 3 burpees,  hamstring stretching , 3 burpees, SSH (20, IC) , 3 burpees,  Plank stretching… 1 minute ace / gary (switch partners – my version of this is one partner doing big boi’s the other holding ankles in plank)

The concept behind the workout was do a mosey and then one set of a 10:40 ratio..

Mosey.. probably about 4 miles.. Merkins: shoulder taps (1 round 10:40) then did one round ace/gary

mosey.. probably about 2.5 miles..  mexican jumping bean squats: curtsey lunge (10:40) then did one round ace and gary

mosey… probably about 5 miles..  burpees: ssh (IC)  (10:40).

mosey.. probably about 4.25 miles. Merkins:shoulder taps (10:40), & Merkins: air raises (10:40)

mosey.. about 3.725 miles… mexican jumping bean squats: curtsey lunge (10:40)

mosey .. about 1.2587 miles.. burpees: SSH (only a 5:20) running out of time..

I think we ran about 38.78927 miles…

A great site that has a lot nice spots and some fine HIMS there to support it.. I hope to make it out again soon.

Glauc OUT!

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