BB: 08/06/19 Glauc Back to Q School @ Bayside



I think the Q school week is a great idea and probably should be done on a yearly basis.  I know we all have slack etc etc; however, not many newer f3 HIM’s know the role of the AO leadership and with that, some basics of a workout:

Q : Glauc

PAX: Nino, Shuttlecock, Charlois, schotzie, decaf, thumbtack, Fanny Pack, Birdie, Banana Bread

My personal F3 journey was discussed as well as the concepts behind Q week… it’s been a fine two + years!

Disclaimer given (and discussed)

Short mosey to Coupon area where all grabbed 2 mini coupons

COP:  Discussed all workouts have some form of warm up.. discussed making them effective, but not too long)

3 ways to have a workout :   In cadence , single count, OYO

SSH (IC) ,  Hillbilly walkers (IC), Merkins (Single count), Burpees (OYO)  Stressing:  Exercise, move position, # and count,  “exercise”

Thang 1:

1:4 ratio,   merkins (on mini coupons) 1  :  bent over rows (with coupons) 4   … 2:8, 3:12  to 10:40

discussed why I like 1:4 ratio… 1) keeps pax together 2) all counts are together.. have to watch the 4 exercise (not use too much weight)  can be creative with these as well

put coupons up.. mosey to courtyard

Thang 2 :

OYO workout:  Bayside has a nice “courtyard” that can sorta act like a nice “circuit” of sorts.. I like OYO workouts because you can push yourself and doesen’t isolate those that are behind or can’t do as much.. bottom line go as fast as you can, as much as you can.. Most of these workouts are timed.. which I like because when doing a normal workout where you get to a certain level and someone super fit like @nathangilmore13 or @jwherr1 gets done early they are not just twittling their thumbs.

4 spots/inlets around the court yard.  @ each spot do a designated  exercise.   1) dips at first inlet  2) merkins @ second 3) jumping air squats @ 3rd 4) Burpees @ 4th..  Start doing 2 each of the exercises above.. once you make one loop around. increase the exercise number by 2…  so @ each inlet you did 4 of the designated exercise.

14 minutes on the timer..    I was toasted.. got to 12.. many others did more.  I liked this workout.

Thang3: always discussed with pax to have “fillers” @ the end.  mainly ab work for most. we did 1 set of merkins (single count _ 30) and 2 rounds of ace / garys (1 partner big bois, the other holds plank on ankles)

mosey back to flag:  Discussed more F3 components including the ultimate glue “Faith” , said announcements (ruck events) and went into ball of man. Intentions and Prayers…

It was a fun morning

Glauc OUT!

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