The Rooster 8-6-19 Q School w/ Geppetto


It’s Q School Week for the Louisville Region.  So I get first crack at the Mutt, as Site-Q of the Rooster, to lead a workout instructing the pax on the correct protocols and techniques of a well run F3 beatdown.


Found it kind of funny as we congregated around the flag pre-workout this morning and I surveyed the pax coming in.  We have a pretty established pax at the Mutt.  Most of these HIMs have been doing this thing a while.  To a man, every one that has Q’d a workout I’ve been to has kicked my ass.  And now I’m “taking them to school”?  But reality is, this was not so much about teaching anyone how to workout or put a bunch of exercises together, but more how to do it as F3.  We all need a little refresher in order to keep this thing as the day we first got it.  As I explained to this group in COT, F3 has been a game changer for me.  I remember the first workout I went to hearing some of the ridiculous names we called these exercises, and each other.  I remember struggling to keep up with the pax, but also having several guys encouraging me and pushing me through it. (At least I think they were, I was far from fluent in F3 in the beginning.) But bottom line, it’s these little nuances that set F3 apart.  We talk our own language, and march to a beat only we in the “club” understand.  And that helps strengthen the brotherhood we have with each other… and personally keeps me coming back for more.

PAX: (18) Geppetto Q, Tureen, Sump Pump, McAfee, Meatball, Jellyfish (FNG, 2.0), Deuce, Wham-O (R), Mouth, Windshield, Blueprint, Pepperoni, Soft Top, Escort, Waterboy, Glen Ross, No-show, Tiger

Weather: Temp in the high 60’s. No rain. Stars in the sky. Glorious for an August morning.

Gear:  Blue Nike dry fit tank, black Nike hoops shorts, Solomon XA Enduro trail shoes, doo rag

5:30-Introduced myself to the pax.  Explained the Q school format, gave the disclaimer, and tried to explain the importance of why we do it.  (I’ll let one of our resident attorneys do it a little more justice later in the week.) Let’s move.  Moseyed around the building grabbing coupons along the way…

Gave a quick description of the different types of counting we do in F3 (cadence, single, OYO).  May or may not have done a good job but luckily I was just the first to go this week.  Mutt has three more tries to get it right. (Good luck ever teaching Tiger to count.  “1-2-7-A-B-3-are we done yet Q?”)


Arm Circles


Abe Vigodas ICx15

Grass Grabbers ICx15

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch

Copperhead Squats ICx15

Thang 1-Captain Thor

1:4 up to 10:40 Big boy situps/American Hammers. YHC called on the pax to help count a couple of the reps.


Thang 2-Circle Burp

Circle up.  Pax run in place until Q says drop. Do one burpee. Continue running in place. Next pax to the left calls the next drop.  Rinse and repeat.  Pax of 18 means 18 burpees. That sucked.  I hate burpees.


Thang 3-Jack Webbs with coupons (kinda)

We did the traditional version of Jack Webb, only added the coupons to our air presses.  1:4 up to 10:40.  Told the pax to use coupons for the first 5 rounds then go air press.  Pretty sure Wham-O (R) just did them all with a coupon! Not sure if anyone else did.  I know all got better trying though.

Thang 4-Curls/Bench/One-arm row

Ran a lap around the school.  Back to coupons and did 25 curls.  25 coupon bench. Rinse and repeat several times. 15 one armed rows each arm. And time was up!


Count off. Name-o-rama.  Welcomed Meatball’s 2.0, Jack aka Jellyfish.  Deuce called the six and explained how he was as reliable as a big morning #2.  Announcements for the August ruck. Intentions were said.  Thanks again to the pax that came out today.  You helped push and teach me as much or more than I did for you.

Geppetto out!

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