Backblast 7-14-18 #Ruiner at the O

Pax (16) Geppetto (Q)  Cutlass, Spinal Tap, Buschhhhh, Bear (2.0), Huggies, Red Roof, Porkchop, Acorn (R), Captain Insane-o, Tin Cup, Snowman, Mayberry, Meatball, Elmer (2.0), Face Weather conditions: 90* +/-  Sunny, steamy, and hot.  Otherwise perfect. Attire:  YHC had nothing fancy but my Tough Mudder headband.  Face was the talk of the F3 fashion chatter … Continue reading Backblast 7-14-18 #Ruiner at the O

Back Blast Tough Mudder Full 6/2/18 #ToughMudder #F3Louisville

Man...that sucked...that was awesome...that was one of the hardest things I've ever done...that was some of the most fun I've had in a long time.  Pretty much sums up the feelings of each of the HIMs I was fortunate enough to experience the Tough Mudder with.  Speaking of those HIMs.  I personally couldn't have had … Continue reading Back Blast Tough Mudder Full 6/2/18 #ToughMudder #F3Louisville