1/13/18 Backblast #theHurt @the Mutt #Iditarod #icemakescouponsheavy

So Mother Nature threw a wrench in my original plans for my Q this week.  I had originally thought about putting together a cute little playlist of "guilty pleasure" songs songs and leading the pax in a serious prancercizing type beat down.  Probably for the better, She decided that was not in our best interest … Continue reading 1/13/18 Backblast #theHurt @the Mutt #Iditarod #icemakescouponsheavy

1/13/18 Preblast @theMutt #theHurt #snowmageddon #thisiswhyweloveF3 #can’tdothissh*tinagym

There's no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.  When I signed up to Q a month ago, I just assumed status quo.  Probably a cool/cold morning with an extra layer on and we'd go through the motions as usual.  Instead I get the privilege of Q'ing on the first real snow day in … Continue reading 1/13/18 Preblast @theMutt #theHurt #snowmageddon #thisiswhyweloveF3 #can’tdothissh*tinagym

11/11 Mutt Backblast – Just the Facts Ma’am

It was cold, yeah what about it. 14 tough guys rolled in with their weary eyes, hungover heads, ready to get better.  Enough chatter...just the facts. QIC: Gepetto 14 Pax: Moonlight, Backdraft, Waterboy, Kidnapper Van, Tureen, Wedding Singer, Tiger, Wham-O, Digiorno, Clark (visiting from Cleveland), Mary-T (FNG), Spinal Tap, Bumblebee (respect), Gepetto Short mosey over … Continue reading 11/11 Mutt Backblast – Just the Facts Ma’am