Pre-Blast 6-1-19 Cornbread Q The Hurt @ The Mutt #soreonSunday

Saturday morning 0700 at the Mutt – forecast mid 60*’s and clear.  Bring your gloves for some coupon work plus some extras.  We get to use the playground for one last time before it comes down so get ready for pull-ups and more.  Some old standards plus some new moves that are guaranteed to make […]

2/15 Pre-Blast Geppetto Q The Chopper @ The Vet

Nobody wants to be the man that has to replace The Man.  I mean for every one of these scenarios: Wally Pipp-Lou Gehrig Drew Bledsoe-Tom Brady Godfather-Godfather II There is probably ten times the number of the following disasters: Michael Jordan-Pete Meyers (who?) David Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar-Gary Cherone Andy Griffith Show (black & white)-Andy Griffith […]

1/19/19 Backblast The Hurt @ The Mutt

Q: Geppetto Pax (11) Plumb Bob, April (R), Methane, Cardinal, Loco, Blueprint, Backdraft, Pepperoni, Wham-O, Sump Pump Weather conditions: 40* +/-  steady drizzle into heavy rain.  Otherwise perfect. Attire: Everything wet.  Except my feet.  Highly recommend the Soloman XA Enduro Trail Running shoes for this type of weather. As I’ve done pretty much every time […]

Backblast The Mutt 7/21/18 #45 #TheHurt

Year 45 came in with a bang!  But the lightning and thunder of the night before had nothing on what the pax and myself were about to endure. Pax (10) Geppetto (Q)  Buschhhhh, Myagi, Tureen, Wham-O, Backdraft, Meatball, Cornbread, Digiorno, Drysdale (FNG) Weather conditions: 70* +/-  Sunny.  Slight breeze.  You’d have never known Mother Nature […]

Pre-Blast 7/21 #TheMutt with Geppetto #thehurt #midlifecrisis #ageisjustanumber

Help me get #45 started off right.  Tomorrow can go one of two ways.  I can either go buy a Miata, maybe throw on a couple gold chains and hit Captains Quarters.  Or you can come join me tomorrow at the The Mutt and we can kick some ass and add a few more years […]