3-24-20 Backblast The Rooster @The Mutt w/Geppetto Q

Corona virus, Corona virus, Corona virus, blah blah blah, mother effin Corona virus.   To say the least my last week, and I know if you’re reading this you can relate, has been consumed by this shit.  I haven’t posted in a little over a week (pretty much ruined my chance at an Iron Pax patchContinue reading “3-24-20 Backblast The Rooster @The Mutt w/Geppetto Q”

3/7/20 Backblast the Hurt @ the Mutt

I loved the Farside comics.  Especially the ones about Hell.  Today at the Mutt, two of my favorite Larson gems totally sum up how my Q went.  But first, the formalities. PAX: (20) Tiger, Nugget, Glen Ross, Seabass, Long Snap, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, Old Bay, Sump Pump, Meatball, Left Eye, Tom Bodet, Windshield, Tommy Boy,Continue reading “3/7/20 Backblast the Hurt @ the Mutt”

3/7/20 Pre-Blast the HURT @ the MUTT, Geppetto Q

Well for those of you within the confines of the Watterson, or for those looking to venture in, you have two options on Saturday.  OJ at the O, or Geppetto at the Mutt-O.  The Juice is going to make you run like a you’re being chased by a knife wielding former B-list actor.  The Ol’Continue reading “3/7/20 Pre-Blast the HURT @ the MUTT, Geppetto Q”

Backblast Big Mo @ the Vet 2/10/2020

Rolled into the Vet this morning about 5:15 with a truck full of goodies.  Mother Nature couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted to pour rain or just spit little bit of annoying drizzle.  I started to set up under one of the pavilions to be safe but then the rain stopped and weContinue reading “Backblast Big Mo @ the Vet 2/10/2020”

1/15/20 Backblast The Blender at the Mutt w/ No Show Q

QIC:  No Show Pax: Glen Ross, Dingo, Dixie, FNG (Baxter), Saddie, Cardinal, Russdiculous, Ditka, Handbook, Fergie, Pork Chop, Plumb Bob, Zima, Larry Flynt, PED, Fridge, Geppetto For The Mutt HEAVY Blender this morning we set out to give the PAX a full body workout that was both challenging and variable. However, my F3 name cameContinue reading “1/15/20 Backblast The Blender at the Mutt w/ No Show Q”

Backblast The Blender at the Mutt 1-8-20 (pictures tell a 1000 words)

Pax:  Geppetto (Q), Backdraft, OJ, Cardinal, Left Eye, Snowman, Glen Ross, Pope, Plumb Bob, PED, Fall Guy (R), My Boy Blue (R), Loco If you read my pre-blast yesterday I bragged about the size of the balls we have at the Mutt.  Well today did not disappoint.  Instead of writing all about what we didContinue reading “Backblast The Blender at the Mutt 1-8-20 (pictures tell a 1000 words)”

Pre-Blast Heavy Blender at the MUTT 1/8/2020 – Geppetto Q

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about our big balls at the MUTT.  Only the HIM-est of HIMs have been out to handle them though.  Let the Iron Pax be the motivation you need to come play with our balls tomorrow at the Heavy.  We’ll have a lot of other fun stuff too, sadlyContinue reading “Pre-Blast Heavy Blender at the MUTT 1/8/2020 – Geppetto Q”

Backblast Heavy Blender at the Mutt 11-13-19

Signed up to Q this about two weeks ago.  Don’t remember exact temperatures that day but I know I was wearing shorts and  a tank.  WTF? I have worked out in sub-zero temps in my F3 lifetime but it seems like my body had a chance to work it’s way into it.  Going from 65Continue reading “Backblast Heavy Blender at the Mutt 11-13-19”

9-4-19 Backblast HEAVY Blender at the MUTT

This was the 4nd installment of the HEAVY Blender at the Mutt.  Anyone that has Q’d a heavy workout knows that the planning for one can be tricky.  You need enough equipment to accommodate the masses but you also want to make sure there’s not too much going on for everyone to get through itContinue reading “9-4-19 Backblast HEAVY Blender at the MUTT”

8-26-19 Backblast Big Mo @ The Vet Geppetto Q

Rolled into the Vet this morning about 5:15 with a truck full of goodies.  Rain couldn’t make up it’s mind if it wanted to pour or just spit little annoying drizzle.  To be safe, I decided to set up shop under one of the larger pavilions on hand at the park.  To be clear IContinue reading “8-26-19 Backblast Big Mo @ The Vet Geppetto Q”

8-26-19 Pre-Blast Big Mo @ Vets Geppetto Q

There is an 80% chance of thunder storms in the morning.  But as one wise F3 philosopher once said “You only get wet once” Was probably a Nugget saying, since he only Qs when it rains.  Regardless I’m bringing out a few toys to play with.  We’re going to push, pull, drag, and drop aContinue reading “8-26-19 Pre-Blast Big Mo @ Vets Geppetto Q”

8-21-19 Heavy Blender at the Mutt-Geppetto Q

  This was the second go-round of the Heavy Blender at the Mutt.  I threw the idea out to the Mutt pax a few weeks ago and it was pretty much unanimous that we wanted to create our own version.  Quick aside, the beauty of F3 is that we can all show up, established pax,Continue reading “8-21-19 Heavy Blender at the Mutt-Geppetto Q”

8-21-19 PreBlast Heavy Blender @ The Mutt

We’ve been hyping up this Heavy Workout at the Mutt for what seems like a few months now.  I’ve had a lot of the Pax tell me they are going to try to come out for one.  Well, as the little green fella says, “There is no try, only do!”  Backdraft set the standard lastContinue reading “8-21-19 PreBlast Heavy Blender @ The Mutt”

The Rooster 8-6-19 Q School w/ Geppetto

It’s Q School Week for the Louisville Region.  So I get first crack at the Mutt, as Site-Q of the Rooster, to lead a workout instructing the pax on the correct protocols and techniques of a well run F3 beatdown. Wait…what? Found it kind of funny as we congregated around the flag pre-workout this morningContinue reading “The Rooster 8-6-19 Q School w/ Geppetto”

Backblast Geppetto Q The Rooster at the Mutt 6-11-19

I usually try to begin my Backblast with some sort of witty anecdote or an inspirational story of why I am Qing.  I thought about what to write for this one.  This time I got nothing.  Nothing funny, unless you count that I almost fartsacked my Q…randomly waking up to no alarm at 5:15.  LuckilyContinue reading “Backblast Geppetto Q The Rooster at the Mutt 6-11-19”

Pre-Blast 6-1-19 Cornbread Q The Hurt @ The Mutt #soreonSunday

Saturday morning 0700 at the Mutt – forecast mid 60*’s and clear.  Bring your gloves for some coupon work plus some extras.  We get to use the playground for one last time before it comes down so get ready for pull-ups and more.  Some old standards plus some new moves that are guaranteed to makeContinue reading “Pre-Blast 6-1-19 Cornbread Q The Hurt @ The Mutt #soreonSunday”

Pre-Blast The Hurt@ The Mutt 4/27/19

As Site Q at for the Hurt I am responsible for scheduling Qs for each Saturday at the Mutt.  Apparently we have a plethora of Mutts running in the Marathon Relay (t-claps to them!), some others who still haven’t thawed out from the convergence (suck it up Sallys), and the rest are still a littleContinue reading “Pre-Blast The Hurt@ The Mutt 4/27/19”

2/15 Pre-Blast Geppetto Q The Chopper @ The Vet

Nobody wants to be the man that has to replace The Man.  I mean for every one of these scenarios: Wally Pipp-Lou Gehrig Drew Bledsoe-Tom Brady Godfather-Godfather II There is probably ten times the number of the following disasters: Michael Jordan-Pete Meyers (who?) David Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar-Gary Cherone Andy Griffith Show (black & white)-Andy GriffithContinue reading “2/15 Pre-Blast Geppetto Q The Chopper @ The Vet”

1/19/19 Backblast The Hurt @ The Mutt

Q: Geppetto Pax (11) Plumb Bob, April (R), Methane, Cardinal, Loco, Blueprint, Backdraft, Pepperoni, Wham-O, Sump Pump Weather conditions: 40* +/-  steady drizzle into heavy rain.  Otherwise perfect. Attire: Everything wet.  Except my feet.  Highly recommend the Soloman XA Enduro Trail Running shoes for this type of weather. As I’ve done pretty much every timeContinue reading “1/19/19 Backblast The Hurt @ The Mutt”