Backblast Heavy Blender at the Mutt 11-13-19

winter tires

Signed up to Q this about two weeks ago.  Don’t remember exact temperatures that day but I know I was wearing shorts and  a tank.  WTF? I have worked out in sub-zero temps in my F3 lifetime but it seems like my body had a chance to work it’s way into it.  Going from 65 two day ago to this is bull$%*t!!  I know…I can already hear the three guys who actually read these backblasts, (Pope, Glen Ross, Sump) “Quit your whining Geppetto!’  Fair enough.  Without further ado, here is who was there today and what we did.

Pax: (6) Geppetto (Q), Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, Digiorno, Lionel, Fridge

Zoo Gear: Blue Reebok hoodie over F3 tee, black Guiness toboggan, black Nike hoops shorts over tights, Soloman XA Enduro trail shoes, two layers of gloves

Weather Conditions:  Witches titty


Mosey around the building and circle up for a little stretching.

Abe Vigoda IC x 10

Grass grabbers IC x 10

Kendra Newmans

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Due to the aforementioned temps, I wasn’t sure how many to expect this morning.  Numbers have been very solid at the Heavy so far.  I had a plan A for a decent crowd.  I had a plan B for just me and Glen Ross.  Ended up scrapping them both and improvised into plan C.

Six HIMs.  We paired up and each pair grabbed a tire sled and a 35# kettle ball for a modified version of DORA. One partner drug the weighted sled the length of the parking lot and back while the other worked to complete the following:

200 kettle bell press

200 kettle bell chin ups

Completed that round.  Lap around the building.  Began round 2. Tire sled was moved in a standing row position this time.

200 kettle bell swings (100 each arm)

Two laps around the building.  Bringing our total to 1 mile.

Finished up with some partner Big Boys handing the kettle ball back and forth and taking it overhead to the ground on each “down”.  About 30 of these.  And Mary took us the rest of the way home (flutter kicks, Freddy Mercs, gas pumps).


Appreciate the 5 HIMs that braved the cold to join me today.  I admitted I probably would have stayed in the fartsack today if I hadn’t been Q.  Glad I didn’t.  Got a good workout and even better 2rdF.  Prayers were sent up to Sky Q, both said and those in our hearts.  Until next time.

Geppetto out!


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