3/7/20 Backblast the Hurt @ the Mutt

I loved the Farside comics.  Especially the ones about Hell.  Today at the Mutt, two of my favorite Larson gems totally sum up how my Q went.  But first, the formalities.

PAX: (20) Tiger, Nugget, Glen Ross, Seabass, Long Snap, Backdraft, Plumb Bob, Old Bay, Sump Pump, Meatball, Left Eye, Tom Bodet, Windshield, Tommy Boy, Flounder, Digiorno, Tureen, Soft Top, No Show, Geppetto QIC

Weather: 27* but felt warmer once we got moving.

Gear:  Winter stuff. Ready to put this shit away and get out some tanks!

7:00-Introduced myself to the pax.  No FNGs. Moseyed around the school.


Arm circles (little/big, forward/back)

Abe Vigodas IC x 12

Grass Grabbers IC x 12

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch/Runners stretch

SSH IC x 30

Another lap around the school.

Circle up for several rounds of Webbs.  Mixed in some dumbbells and kettle bells to make it a little more interesting.  As often happens at the Mutt, especially the Hurt, the mumblechatter was strong.  Which leads me to my first cartoon.  As much as I was trying to punish the pax, the gossip, giggling, and ball busting was at times overwhelming.  As quoted by Flounder “Make your Q harder, so I won’t be able to talk.” Ok.  Fair enough, let’s see what I can dish out.

farside 1

Thang 1: Jack Webb with random weights

Circled up.  With 20 Pax we set ten random weights in front of every other man.  Weights were (2×20#, 2×25#, 2×30#, and 4×35#)  Jack Webb 1:4 up to 10:40 Merkin to overhead press using the weight in front of you.  Then pass that weight to the right and next set.  By the time we made it up to 10:40 fair to say we were all smoked.

Lap around the school to catch our breath.

Thang 2: Captain Thor with random weights

Same as above but doing big boys and American Hammers with the random weights.


Thang 3: Round 2 of Jack Webb descending count

10:40 down to 1:4 alternating weights.


Thang 4: Lt. Dans

1:4 up to 10:40 squats/jump lunges


By now pretty sure most of the pax, and most definitely YHC could relate to this one.

farside 2

Thanks for all the pax that came out.  I actually love the mumblechatter. It’s a big part of what makes this group special.  Until next time.

Geppetto out!

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