3-24-20 Backblast The Rooster @The Mutt w/Geppetto Q


Corona virus, Corona virus, Corona virus, blah blah blah, mother effin Corona virus.   To say the least my last week, and I know if you’re reading this you can relate, has been consumed by this shit.  I haven’t posted in a little over a week (pretty much ruined my chance at an Iron Pax patch btw).  I’ve been neglecting getting out in the gloom, staying up watching the coverage on all the networks.  Waking up and immediately tuning in to see what I might have missed.  Finding myself getting depressed and in an overall funk.  No stigma in that, in fact I’d say under the circumstances it’s normal.  I mean having legitimate worries about loved ones, our jobs, retirement accounts, our country, and our future should make a man feel that way.  But how do we fix it?  Can’t answer that one.  How can we escape reality for a few minutes and maybe even getter a little better at the same time? That one is easy.  Get off your ass and into the gloom.  Maybe even Q it!

PAX: (16) Meatball, Buschhhh, Tiger, Glen Ross, Plumb Bob, Windshield, Digiorno,  Soft Top, Deuce, Cowbell, Wham-O (R), Fridge, Snowman, Barney Fife, Larry Flynt, Geppetto QIC

Weather: 43* , dry, and overall pleasant morning in the gloom.

Gear:  Same ol stuff.  I did have some new Corona free gloves on however.

5:30-Introduced myself to the pax.  Reminded them to be considerate of the social distancing policy. No FNGs. Moseyed around the school.

In an effort to assure we could keep spread out, I decided we’d just KISS.  Keep it Simple Stupid.  Not a lot of creativity in this weinke.


SSH IC x 30

Abe Vigodas IC x 12

Grass Grabbers IC x 12

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch/Runners stretch

Imperial Walkers ICx20

Thang 1: Board of Fun

10 Boyos


20 each Flutter kicks and LBCs


30 Merkins


40 Plank Jack


50 Jump Lunges


Thang 2

Merkin Time Bomb


Extra large circle to keep our distance for several rounds of Mary.  Pax picks, including mountain climbers, diamond merkins, LBCs, Rosalitas, elevators, and a few more I’m sure…6:15.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, intentions.  Thanks for all the pax that came out.  We kept it safe and still got in a good workout.  For at least 45 minutes this morning things felt normal again.  Let’s keep this going and keep looking out for our fellow pax that might be struggling.  Until next time.

Geppetto out!

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