7/21/20 Backblast the Planetarium @ the Boondocks w/Geppetto Q

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If you’d have told me three months ago that I would have been Q-ing at the Boondocks, I’d have thought you were crazy. That place is a million miles away. Be careful fellas! Once the M starts looking at real-estate websites, there may be no stopping the inevitable. Well fast forward to today, not only was I the Q, but I could have walked over to the AO from my house if I wanted to. Or maybe golf carted (Mouth let me know if you know a guy) I had a good thing going at the Mutt. Met some guys there that were strangers at first but now consider brothers for life. But unless I want to start getting up at 4:30 for an hour long round trip, I need to find a new F3 home. (I’ll still hit the Mutt for occasional Saturday coffeterias) One cool thing was when we went to first look at the “new” house, we drove past Peggy Baker Park. I knew there was an AO there and when I saw how close it was it definitely helped me buy in to the decision to move. F3 has been a major part of my life for the past three years. Looking forward to keeping this thing rolling in the OC.

PAX: (10) Abacus, Focker, Bulletin (R), Dauber, Holy Roller (R), Cochran, LePew, Brown Water, Elmer (2.0), Geppetto Q

5:30-Introduced myself to the pax.  Disclaimer. Reminded them to be considerate of the social distancing policy. No FNGs. Moseyed around to one of the few sources of light on the premises to circle up.


Kendra Newmans

Michael Phelps

Grass Grabbers IC x 12

Abe Vigodas IC x 12

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch/Runners stretch

Mountain Climbers IC x 30

SSH IC x 47 (47 was the # of the day)

Thang 1: Board of Fun

15 Boyos

Lap around baseball field (approx 1/4 mile)

25 T-Merkins


35 Plank Jax


47 Jump Lunges


Thang 2: Coupon Burn Out

Moseyed over the flag for some coupon work. Did the following exercises 25 reps each. Rinse and repeat 20 reps, 15 reps, 10, 5


OH Press

One arm row (right and left)

Kettlebell swings

Finished with 47 seconds to spare. It’s my birthday so I called it.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, intentions.  Thanks for all the pax that came out, including my 14 yr old son. Glad he still thinks enough of his old man to get up early and work out with me on a summer morning.  We kept it safe and still got in a good workout.  I’ll miss the regulars at the Mutt but hopefully they will feel inclined to come visit me sometime. Boondocks is F3 Louisville regions hidden little gem. I challenge all the pax to get out there! Let’s keep this going and keep looking out for our fellow pax that might be struggling.  Until next time.

Geppetto out!

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