I billed this workout in my pre-blast as a chance to get ready for spring break.  We are by my count only 25 days away from fun in the sun!  Sure, spring break for some us may not be the same as it was 25 years ago.  Pretty sure I won’t make it down to Club La Vela for the booty shaking contest and my beer shotgunning skills are a little rusty, but I’m not ready to don the sandals and knee socks and pick up the metal detector just yet. 13 other HIM joined me in the frigid temps to get our beach bods ripped!

PAX: (14) Geppetto Q, Backdraft, Violet, Meatball, Tron, Wham!, Valpak, OJ, Shiplap, Shank, Joanna Gaines, Glen Ross, Penny, Flojo

Weather: 17* with a feels like temp of 3*. Brutal cold.  But it was dry.

Gear:  Winter stuff. Ready to put this shit away and get out some tanks!

5:30-Introduced myself to the pax.  No FNGs. Moseyed around the tennis courts to grab coupons.  High knees, butt kickers, along the way.


Arm circles (little/big, forward/back)

Abe Vigodas IC x 15

Grass Grabbers IC x 15

Downward Dog/Cobra stretch/Runners stretch

SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walkers IC x 25

Thang 1: Deconstructed Broad Jump Burpee Ladder

YHC explained to the pax that due to lingering lower back pain I’ve had for the past year or so, I’ve been doing a modified version of our favorite exercise. Instead of doing the classic burpee in one continuous motion (with clap), we would break it down into individual parts, followed by a broad jump. Starting with one of each of the below.  Then two.  Then three…up to 10.

Squat-Mountain climber-Merkin-Mountain climber-UP-Broadjump

Once we got up the ladder to 10.  It was back down 10-1.

Thang 2:  People’s Chair to Balls to the Wall

Divided the Pax into two groups.  One group one either side of the tennis courts with G1 in a People’s Chair  pose with backs against the fence.  G2 was doing BTTW hand stands against the fence on opposite side.  Pax would alternate running AYG from one side to the other and swap poses.  This one might have got a little confusing.  I’ll work on the explanation for next time.

Thang 3: Coupon work/Pullups

G1 AMRAP curls while G2 ran to the playground for 10 pull-ups. Switch-a-roo


By this time the Q was smoked.  Pax picked up the 6 and helped me count out the following:


American Hammers

Flutter Kicks

Gas Pumps

Makhtar N’Diayes

Box cutters


Count off. Name-o-rama.  Announcements for Lenten Bible study (see Slack for details).  Q’s needed at all AOs during spring break.  During intentions I brought up something I had posted to 3ndF channel.  It’s a story of men like us that have come together to help a neighbor lady with MS.  Motto is “Lift to be Lifted”.  I invited all to check it out if they haven’t done so.  Thanks again to the pax that came out today.  You helped push me as much or more than I helped you.

Geppetto out!

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