Q Mad Cow

Pax: Wham O(R), Duece, Methane, Fridge, Pepperoni, Zima, Fungi, Sump Pump, PED, Tasty Freeze(FNG), Bigbird, Blueprint, Mary Poppins, Left Eye, Beano, Fergie

Weather: Cold AF

Disclaimer given and mosey around the reflection path.

Thang 1: Merkin Mile to Mile and a quarter. 4 laps around the reflection path with 25 merkins between each round. Total of 100 merkins and 1.2 miles

Thang 2: Elevens. Squat jumps at the top of hill sprint to the bottom LBCs at the bottom and Bernie Sanders back to the top. Bernie’s lasted about 1/2 the time for YHC.

Walk to the portico and then AYG back to the flags. Plank for 3ish minutes. Done


We had a FNG. An eight grader from HT. Fungi is his uncle. We named him Tasty Freeze because his first taste of F3 was f’ing cold. We’re so creative. I was very impressed that an eighth grader would show up to a workout in 12 degree weather with a bunch of men and he was not intimidated at all! He actually destroyed the WO. Kudos to his folks, they are raising a fine young man.

Great to lead once again.


Mad Cow

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