I’m going to keep it simple…

What: A BlackOps WO

When: Thursday 3.7.19 from 0530-0615

Where: St. Patrick Catholic Church

              1000 N Beckley Station Rd

              Louisville, KY 40245

Who: Any PAX wanting a good WO.

Why: Since starting F3 I look at my surroundings differently, especially if it’s a place I frequently visit. I find myself thinking, “That hill is massive! It’d be a bitch to run up…be a great place for a WO” or “This parking lot goes on forever, it’d be miserable to suicide it doing a burpee at each line…perfect for a WO.” It’s this way of thinking that’s made me want to do a WO at St. Patrick’s for months so given that I’m actually in town this week I decided let’s try it out.

There’s no guarantee these thoughts will or won’t be implemented into the WO.



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