Silo at North Posh 6.13.22 PreBlast

Last Monday Catfish (10x F3Louisville Spartan) was set to Q at North Posh. However, due to going so hard in WOs my man’s heart almost exploded (literally) so he was unable to Q. Tomorrow’s WO will be in representation of one of Catfish’s best WOs at North Posh: ”The Ring of Fire”. NO coupons needed,Continue reading “Silo at North Posh 6.13.22 PreBlast”

Cloverfield at ☘️The Garden☘️ 4.14.22 PreBlast

What to expect at ☘️The Garden☘️ tomorrow:  Squats ❌ Lunges ❌ Calf Raises ❌ Monkey Humpers ❌ Merkins ✅ Curls ✅ Overhead Press ✅ Bent Over Rows ✅ Skull Crushers ✅ Tomorrow’s WO has an emphasis on the upper body raising mind-blowing questions like: “Will we move?” “How will we move?” “Will we run?!?” The only way to know is to show up. If you typicallyContinue reading “Cloverfield at ☘️The Garden☘️ 4.14.22 PreBlast”

Lucky 13 at ☘️The Garden☘️ 8.13.21 Backblast

Disclaimer given. CoT (10) Grass Grabbers IC (10) Abe Vigodas IC Kendra Newmans Michael Phelps PAX grabbed a coupon for The Thang. The Thang: Lucky 13 When I have the signal, PAX were to get as far as they could through the board. The furthest anyone got was 1/2 way (Catfish). At 0612 I calledContinue reading “Lucky 13 at ☘️The Garden☘️ 8.13.21 Backblast”

Friday the 13th at ☘️The Garden☘️ PB

My guarantee for Friday the 13th at The Garden is NO hills, in no shape, or form. I’m not sure what to expect from the WO I have planned…could be a walk through the park or could leave bodies on the ground like Jason just rolled through. Either way, we’ll find out tomorrow at 0530.Continue reading “Friday the 13th at ☘️The Garden☘️ PB”

Y’all know me, still the same O.G. 5.28 ☘️Garden☘️ PB

There was three week stretch starting Derby week in which I a only posted a couple of times. Apparently my absence prompted some PAX to believe I’d “fallen out of the fold” or “was lost to the sack”. Upon hearing this the only thing that came to mind was Eminem’s Forgot About Dre. Friday atContinue reading “Y’all know me, still the same O.G. 5.28 ☘️Garden☘️ PB”

☘️The Garden☘️ Deja vu 4.23.21 PreBlast

I’ve Qd 90+ times & have made it a point not to use the exact same WO more than once, even when I’ve Qd multiple times in a week. This changes tomorrow at The Garden when we’ll run back a WO from almost two years ago. The question then, is why? Well…for several reasons. ThisContinue reading “☘️The Garden☘️ Deja vu 4.23.21 PreBlast”

☘️St. Patrick’s Day BlackOps at The Garden 3.17.21 PB☘️

Why do a BlackOps at The Garden on Wednesday? Well, Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day…The Garden is located at St. Patrick so the goons of The Garden & myself felt it was only fitting for there to be a WO. There are 6 WOs on the calendar for Wednesday (4 of which have a GardenContinue reading “☘️St. Patrick’s Day BlackOps at The Garden 3.17.21 PB☘️”

Gladiator Turkey Boy Butterfly’s 2.26.21 BackBlast

Never been to The Abyss & wonder why this is it’s the site’s name? Well, it’s simple: there’s not a single light (there use to be one, but it’s out). So, this morning when I set up shop with some lights over at the splash park it was like watching bugs gravitate to it. WithContinue reading “Gladiator Turkey Boy Butterfly’s 2.26.21 BackBlast”

Loaded 11’s at ☘️The Garden☘️ 1.26.21 BackBlast

In my PreBlast I said the hills of The Garden would not be the focal point, but instead another party of the AO we seldom use (I was true to my word)…the two sets of stairs on the Hill of Stolen Soles. At 0529 I gave the disclaimer & we kicked things off. We startedContinue reading “Loaded 11’s at ☘️The Garden☘️ 1.26.21 BackBlast”

Limited Membership Opportunity at The Posh 1.20.21

What makes a club elite? Money? Intelligence? Athleticism? Take your pick, but I’d say more than anything it’s exclusivity. Joining an elite club isn’t something anyone or everyone can do for a variety of reasons, but the PAX who post at The Posh tomorrow will be granted the opportunity to join an Elite Club withinContinue reading “Limited Membership Opportunity at The Posh 1.20.21”

Nino Q 3 Year Postversary at The Garden’s ☘️Cloverfield☘️ 12.17.20 PB

The PAX below were at The Posh for my first post on December 17th, 2017 & it’d be awesome to see as many of them as possible at my 435 post three years late at The Garden this Thursday December 17th, 2020. Bob Ross Boozer Double Down Dunphy Dutch Oven Forced Close Glaucoma Kilo LittleContinue reading “Nino Q 3 Year Postversary at The Garden’s ☘️Cloverfield☘️ 12.17.20 PB”

Nino Uses a Kilo Worth of Burpees & Water to Grow The Garden 12.8.20 BB

Kilo & I met in January ‘13 when we went to training together for the company we still work for as Pharmaceutical Sales Reps. Kilo joined F3 in July ‘17, where he was given his name because of his profession & when he head locked me in December ‘17 I too was given my nameContinue reading “Nino Uses a Kilo Worth of Burpees & Water to Grow The Garden 12.8.20 BB”

Nino Deals (with) a Kilo at The Garden 12.8.20 PreBlast

This picture tells you exactly what we’ll be doing tomorrow at The Garden, so you’ve been warned or intrigued (depending on how big a boy ya are). Additionally, here’s a couple of numbers relative to Kilo & me: 953 & 236. Knowing what these numbers represent may or may not be beneficial to you tomorrow.Continue reading “Nino Deals (with) a Kilo at The Garden 12.8.20 PreBlast”

The Posh’s Bridge 11.18.20 BackBlast

At 0530 we circled up, I gave the disclaimer informing the PAX I am not a professional, I’ve received no training, everything I say to do is a suggestion, & encouraged everyone to listen to their body modifying as needed. I reiterated we are in the midst of a health pandemic so I will doContinue reading “The Posh’s Bridge 11.18.20 BackBlast”

The Bridge at The Posh 11.18.20 PreBlast

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve Qd at The Posh so tomorrow we’ll make up for lost time. Similar to yesterday at North Posh, I again went through the archives of my Qs (specifically at The Posh) for my inspiration for tomorrow’s WO. YES bring your coupon. MAYBE wear some gloves (I plan tooContinue reading “The Bridge at The Posh 11.18.20 PreBlast”