Pre-Blast 5/19/18 The Hurt at The Mutt

This morning Iceman spoke about an aspect of F3 that I often undervalue: being pushed out of my comfort zone. Speaking for myself, maybe for others, I am predominantly pushed out of my comfort zone during a WO when the Q provides instruction for an exercise & I think or hear, “Demonstration.” A few weeksContinue reading “Pre-Blast 5/19/18 The Hurt at The Mutt”

Back-Blast 4/30/18 The Incubator at The Posh

It’s Monday of Derby week & tomorrow is May 1st so needless to say I was surprised to wake up this morning to a brisk 37 degrees. Despite the cool conditions (12) PAX showed up this morning to get their week started off with a full body beating. PAX Bob Ross Double Down (RESPECT) ForcedContinue reading “Back-Blast 4/30/18 The Incubator at The Posh”

4/28/18 PreBlast for The Fog Pre-Ruck #Ruckership

Tomorrow morning Huggies has a full body beat down planned for his VQ. BUT if you’re a glutton for punishment come out to the Posh a little early tomorrow to put in a solid 4 miles beforehand. My goal is to move at a sub 15’ per mile pace so come ready to go! SYITGContinue reading “4/28/18 PreBlast for The Fog Pre-Ruck #Ruckership”

Back-Blast 4/20/18 North Posh BlackOps #TheWall

It’s been a great week across F3 Louisville led by (10) different PAX members stepping up for VQs. From what I’ve experienced & read it’s been a week of fully body beat downs. It’d make sense that today not only being Friday, but also Convergence Eve to give yourself a break in anticipation of whatContinue reading “Back-Blast 4/20/18 North Posh BlackOps #TheWall”