The Bridge 8.22.18 BackBlast

When I post I really enjoy WOs that are:

  1. Creative
  2. Involve new exercises
  3. Hard

However, as I was thinking about what to do this morning I realized these three things are going to be different for everyone. Mind blown. So my goal for this WO was to obviously push the PAX to get better, but for the WO to be simple, crisp, & keep the PAX together. I don’t know how the PAX really felt about the WO, but regardless I had fun & burned 712 calories leading.

Weather Conditions: I thought it felt pretty good out, 67 degrees with 96% humidity.

Gearlander: Walmart Neon Yellow Dri-Fit shirt, Grey Nike shorts, Blue Buff, & Grey Reeboks w/ neon yellow laces.


  1. Bob Ross
  2. Methane
  3. Huggies
  4. Star Child
  5. McAfee
  6. Pork Chop
  7. Dynomite 
  8. Endo
  9. Maxi
  10. Old Bay
  11. Nice & Slow
  12. Nino (QIC)


  • (15) Grass Grabbers IC
  • (15) SSH IC
  • Burp-O-Rama (went around the circle, each PAX gave their name & we did a burpee)

After this, the PAX who brought their headlamps turned them on & we were off on a mosey…across the bridge & up to the fountains of the Humana Legacy Commons. I really like doing Mary work, but it’s usually done at the end of the WO when everyone is gassed so I decided we should do Mary at the beginning instead. We circled up around the fountain & got to work.


  • (15) Windshield Wipers IC (I love these)
  • (20) Big Boys
  • Then the PAX held 6” & I called on 3 different PAX to call out a 10 count. After the third 10 count, we went straight into (10) Hello Dolly IC. After the Dollys were done we went back into the 6” hold with 3 more PAX calling out a 10 count. (McAfee said this was kind of a Mary version of the Steinl. I’d never done this, but was definitely a fan & see it being used again.)

This completed the Mary for now. The PAX got up, turned their headlamps back on & we were off on a mosey again. I led the PAX down the trail, across the road, past the Oak Picnic Grove to the base of METHANE HILL. As we approached the bottom of the hill the PAX noticed a few things:

  1. Two illuminated cones in front of them
  2. Two more illuminated cones off in the distance
  3. The ground was soaked

After these observations were shared I shared the Thang. I love WOs that are “you vs. you” but the reality is you can make just about any WO “you vs. you”. For this WO my goal was to keep the PAX together as much as possible so all exercises were done IC. 

The Thang

  • (10) Hand Release Merkins IC at the bottom of the hill
  • Sprint (as fast as you can) the 120 yards to the top of Methane Hill
  • (10) Peter Parker’s IC
  • Sprint (as fast as you can) back to the bottom of the hill
  • Rinse & Repeat five times, but on the 5th round, I extended the count to 15 to see if PAX we paying attention to the cadence. Shockingly several hopped up & started up the hill.
  • **As PAX got to the top/bottom of the hill they were challenged to keep working by doing either Flutter Kicks or Leg Raises while waiting on the six.

We finished at the top of the hill & were off down the trail back, across the bridge & to the meeting point at 0607. With eight minutes left we circled up for some more Mary.


Going around the circle each PAX led an exercise IC or as close as possible, we did some:

  • 30 second 6” hold
  • Pickle Pounders
  • Hello Dollys
  • American Hammers
  • Gas Pumps
  • Freddy Mercurys
  • Ankle Grabbers
  • V-Ups


  • COR
  • NOR
  • Announcements
  • Intentions
    • Thoughts & prayers out to Vince

I thanked the SkyQ & let these HIMs know its honor & privilege to lead them for 45 minutes of their day.

Nino out.

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