BB from 8.22.18 at #theblender. Theblender’s b-day and my 1 yr Q-versary

My first ever F3 was 8.22.17 at Holy Trinity, aka the Mutt. CI and Zartan were not going to leave me alone about coming out to the gloom. This was now super clear to me (now being July-August last year). Every time I saw them they asked if I was coming. Every time, and my excuse bank was overdrawn. So much so that I was incurring overdraft fees with every sad clown reason I wouldn’t be there. Then F3 was brought to my backyard. I now really had ZERO excuse. Funny thing is, I had told myself on the Sunday prior (prior to Tuesday 8.22.17) that I would drive to the O for their 8.22.17 WO. I’m going dammit. 8.22.17 was a Tuesday. Well, on Sunday 8.20 I learn a new AO was starting at Holy Trinity. I didn’t make the drive to the O on Tuesday morning. Instead I walked to opening day of theMutt.

CI and Zartan, thank you for bugging the crap out of me. Really. I’m very glad you did.

My attendance at F3 ebbs and flows. I love it, I just wish it was held at, well, like 6:45am instead. I know it can’t be. It’s fine. I’m just a night owl and don’t do mornings. I have trouble going to bed at 10:30pm. Actually, I have trouble going to bed at midnight, so waking up early is akin to my fondness of the burpee.

Ok. If you are still reading this, here is what we did today:

Q: Wedding Singer

PAX: 13. Zima, GlenRoss, Ham, Fridge, Buschhhhh, Steerage, Mouth, Cowbell, Backdraft, Pyle, Rih-Rih, Sump Pump, Wedding Singer

Conditions: Perfect. Upper 60’s I think, and the week of off/on rain had finally stopped.

Disclaimer was given along with a call out for any FNG’s. There were none, so off we went for one lap around the school, stopping at what GlenRoss called my ‘honey hole’. Love it. We did 20 dips IC in this area at the front of campus then continued on to traditional warm-up.


Kendra Newmans forward & reverse

Digiorno’s (arm stretches)

Grass Grabbers IC, 22 count

Abe Vagoda’s IC, 22 count

Basketball side-shuffles (move left on my call, halt. move right on my call. halt. back to the left. halt etc ….)


The Thang

Today I assembled 8 WO stations within their own parking spot. The idea came from F3Greenwood (South Carolina) and the IronPAX challenge they are doing. I came across it on Twitter and it was complete with YouTube videos. Sweet. I chose some of what I liked best from what they are doing and put today’s weinke together. 30 reps performed at each station.

Station 1- leg raises while holding coupon in a bench press position

Station 2- burpee block jumps. (Do 1 burpee, jump over coupon, do another burpee. repeat…. )

Station 3- merkins

Station 4- goblet squat (Squat while holding coupon close under your chin.)

Station 5- curls

Station 6- runner squats

Station 7- coupon thrusters

Station 8- broad jump (Jump to the parked cars and back.)

After all stations had been visited we ran another lap around the school as a PAX. We went through stations again, this time only doing 10 reps at each one, until I called time. Time was getting tight by the way. Initially, I had a Thang 2 for the PAX but there wasn’t time for it this morning. There was a logjam at Station 2 ITG today that I didn’t anticipate but should have. GlenRoss suggested cutting reps in half at that station, which we did. Great idea and quick thinking. HIM. That’s why he runs a bank and has his picture on a TARC bus. Perhaps more than one TARC bus.


LBC’s 22 IC

Dying cockroach 22 IC (doing these IC seems silly now. feels like counting to yourself.)

Gas Pumps 22 IC

Freddy Mercury 22 ICs

Scissor kicks 22 IC woof!

Body saw…. We made it to 22 IC on these. Nice work PAX! The mumblechatter from these was great. I had to end my 1yr Q-versary on the body saw. If you were in attendance the first time I Q’ed these, you know why 🙂

COR, NOR, Announcements and closing prayer.

I enjoy leading F3 workouts, even if I do consistently sleep like crap the night before. Today was no different in the Q enjoyment. Thanks for letting me lead men. This one was made a bit more special by the double-anniversary going on today at LeMutt. Happy birthday to the honey hole for all Mutters.

-wedding singer out.





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