#theblender backblast 01.31.18. #F3Louisville #F3Nation

  Q: Wedding Singer PAX: 9, Spreadsheet, Snowman, Cardinal, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Grinder, Digiorno, Mad Cow, Wedding Singer PAX side note- Old Bay rucked his way to/from the WO today. Nice! Grinder made the drive from Southern Indiana two days in a row. Also nice! Cardinal has already posted 19 times this week! Digiorno, … Continue reading #theblender backblast 01.31.18. #F3Louisville #F3Nation

12/13/17 #theblender at theMutt Backblast @F3louisville #getbetter #f3counts

Q: Wedding Singer 6 PAX: Vincent (respect), Amelia, Glenn Ross, Pope, Old Bay, Wedding Singer Conditions: Dry but cold. Wind chill was 19, actual temp 24. This was only my second Q, but both nights now prior to my Q I've been up MUCH later than I should be. It's nerves, but it's also because … Continue reading 12/13/17 #theblender at theMutt Backblast @F3louisville #getbetter #f3counts

VQ Backblast at The Mutt. 11/16/17 #getbetter #funrun #yoga @f3louisville

Q: Wedding Singer VQ 16 PAX arrived on the 16th PAX: Wedding Singer, Moonlight, Geppeto, Glen Ross, Digiorno, Happy Fingers, Tiger, Waterboy, Backdraft, Mouth, Mad Cow, Quimby, Zartan, Busch, Old Bay, Zoolander Conditions: ‘Feels like’ temp was 38. Completely rain soaked ground but no rain falling during the WO. From the flag we moseyed around … Continue reading VQ Backblast at The Mutt. 11/16/17 #getbetter #funrun #yoga @f3louisville