Sanders Elementary 3/16/18 Backblast. @f3louisville #2rd F

Q- Wedding Singer

PAX- You know from the previous Sanders BB’s it’s Kilo’s sisters (Ms. Clark) 2nd grade class at Sanders Elementary.

After meeting Ms. Erin Clark in the classroom and having a seat, she quickly set the tone to the kids for why I was there. The kids were reminded of the lessons reviewed in the weeks prior. One student said,”Yes, I learned stuff on those days. I think it was Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jason?? No, maybe it was Mrrrrrr Klein?” Wow. Prior to today, we’d spent less than an hour total over the span of 2 weeks with this class, and they’re remembering the lessons and our names. That’s yuge. This is making an impact.

The Lesson

I asked the kids if any of them live in a house with a total of 5 people. 6-7 hands went up.  Shew! …This was great as it is March and we live in Kentucky and I was using a basketball analogy.  Using my art skills, I drew half a basketball court and five X’s to represent the members of the team, or in this case, the members of their families. I talked about how teams and families are one unit, respect each other and often have rules. A few hands went up. I called on Claude. He talked about the rules in his house. It went a bit long but it was awesome, and they’re 2nd graders so it’s so darn funny you don’t want to stop them.

Ms. Clark has these guys under control! She politely told them no more questions, it was time to let Mr Rob read. No problem. That is why I was there and I’d made my pitch to them about the importance of following rules (at home, at school and in life) which was the segway for my book.

The Book

I chose Library Lion. This book is primarily about following rules but at the end of the book it gives one example of when it’s OK to bend the rules a little bit. When I finished the book 15 hands immediately went up. They all wanted to talk about a time when they had done something that was helpful but might’ve broken rules. These kids had great examples! I said that if it was helpful it was probably OK to have broken the rule- as long as it truly is helpful!


Miss Clark put in a plug for our future recess WO plans with this class. They’re pretty excited about us coming to play some playground games with them. Ironically, after reading them Library Lion the kids were leaving the classroom to go to the library. I walked down with them and thanked them for letting me read to them today, then said I’d be back to see them again for some kick ball. This was met with a loud YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Sanders elementary is a pretty good drive from where most of us live. It was a 35 minute drive from St Matthews (one way) but I’m going to do it again. These guys made my day! If you can get there on a Friday at lunchtime I highly recommend it. You’ll leave there feeling like you truly made a difference in a childs life. They proved to me today that F3 is making a difference in their lives- the way they recalled lessons from visits by GlenRoss and Zoolander. These guys have only met us one time, for 30 minutes, and we’re being remembered. If that’s not 2rd F then I don’t know what is.


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