4.4.18 #theblender backblast. #f3louisville #f3themutt


OK, it did not look like the above, but the wind chill was only slightly warmer. Note to any PAX down South, snow is in the Louisville forecast for Saturday along with a high temp of 28. You might want to extend your Spring Break stay.

Last night I slept like sh@t, which is the way I’ve slept before the other three Q’s I have done. I was hoping for this Q number 4.5 (I did a co-Q with Zartan in late January) maybe that crappy night before sleep would be over?? Now I’m starting to think it just might be a thing when I’m scheduled to lead. That sucks, but it is worth it. I think I finally fell asleep at 2:00am and then the wind woke me up at 4:45. 10 minutes before my alarm was set to go off.

PAX: 6. Grinder, Pope, Zima, Red Roof, Plethora, Wedding Singer

Q: Wedding Singer

Conditions: Louisville was under a tornado warning last night. This morning it was still windy. Seriously windy. Temp was 42 with a wind chill of 30.

I had a visit from the Louisville F3 OG today- Red Roof! I felt honored that he chose to come to my Q. An F3 ‘ville guy had several options today and he came to theMutt. **If it wasn’t for Red Roof we likely wouldn’t have F3 in our city today.** Pope also showed up and showed out, in his tank top. He has now attended 50% of my Q’s. I was feeling pretty special ITG today. I gave a disclaimer to modify if needed. Here is what we did:



Kendra Newman’s


Shoulder stretches

Grass grabbers

Abe Vagodas

And as a nod to fellow PAX down South, Surfers


Thang 1– grab a coupon and circle up in the prayer garden.

Incline merkin



Overhead press

Weighted lunge. At some point during this thang I called on Pope to give a 10 count.

(50 seconds on. 10 seconds off for all the above. Rinse and repeat)


I called for everyone to do 3 surfers, again as a shout out to the many PAX on SB


Next, we grabbed some short wall real estate, still in the prayer garden, for:

Calf raises w/coupon (did these standing on the wall w/heel hanging off the edge)


And one other thing I can’t remember.

(45 seconds on. 15 second rest on the above three.)


Thang 2

We grabbed our coupons and took them to the portico where we partnered up.

P1 did coupon presses while P2 crab walked out to a parking lot line and back. Switch up. After both partners had done this, next was a bear crawl out to the same line and back while other partner did coupon press. Switch up.


Thang 3 Ab Mary in the coupon garden

All IC:

Scissor kicks (20)

Da Vinci’s (30)

High knee raise (30)

Freddy Mercury (20)

I checked the time, which was now 6:13 so I called on the PAX for one more exercise to get us to 6:15, which was a ….

LBC/ flutter kick combo courtesy of Zima (20 IC). Not a Jack Webb. You did the LBC while kicking. These things were brutal.

COR, NOR. Plethora explained his name. I’ve been wanting to hear this one. Something about abs, soccer and the movie Three Amigos. We had a few individual intentions and then I led us out with a prayer which included praying that the many PAX at different beaches have a safe trip home to the ‘Ville. It had been a while since I Q’ed but I always enjoy leading a WO and today was no different.




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