4/4/18 #BackBlast for Destin FL – Silver Dunes AO


Q: Diablo

PAX: (5) Methane, Iceman, Double Down, Jitterbug, and Diablo

We have heard about Club Paradise.  We have seen pictures of Captain Insane-o’s tailored tank tops and tuxedo shirts.  We have read about donut rucking, and Face’s house with second floor TV rooms.  We have heard stories of Waterboy, Scratch, and Spinal Tap leaving a workout for a group shopping trip to a Vineyard Vines boutique shop.  (Zoolander is now curious if the shops have this season’s new shade of hammock green, and, if so, whether a fellow PAX could maybe pick up a pair of cotton twill slacks.) And, we have heard unsubstantiated rumors, but God I hope their true, of Zartan, Tiger, and Mouth buying matching needle-point belts.  Club Paradise really does sound amazing.

But, down the road a bit, we hard-scrabbled HIMs at Silver Dunes in Destin proper hit the fields, the puddles, and the concrete for an ol’ fashioned beat down.  I’ve provided herein an artist’s rendering of me making sure Methane was hitting his form and motivated to be a man about half-way through some 11s.

Here’s what ensured:

Warm Up

After a quick mosey around the complex, we hit the tennis courts for a little warm up:

SSHs (20)
Groiners (10)
T Merkins (10)
Copperhead Squats (20)

Thang 1

Ran back to the open field for 11s, starting with 1 merkin, a run, 10 burpees, another run, 2 merkins, another run, 9 burpees … you know the drill.  This continued for awhile until it was 1 burpee and 10 merkins at the end of those runs.  T claps to recent FNG Jitterbug (3 posts in a row down here!) for more than keeping up and finishing this one.  It was brutal.

Thang 2

PAX rotated through three stations of AMRAP step-ups, dips, and LBCs.  PAX performed two sets of this nonsense.

Thang 3

PAX circled up for some Mary, which included some hamstring stretches; more planks; many, many American Hammers; some more LBCs; and, flutter kicks that lasted a little too long.

PAX finished with SSHs in silent cadence, with 5 burpees for “punishment” at the end if PAX did not stop simultaneously with the Q.  So of course PAX did 5 burpees to end the WO.

Intentions were made, thoughts provided for those traveling, and prayers and wishes our 2.0s are down here having fun and making good decisions.









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